Davison Design & Developmentidea/investment

D Dec 02, 2019

I am requesting my money back before I retain an attorney and file a lawsuit. I spoke with a gentleman from Davison named Matt assuring me that my product sample( which I created therefore it is my property) and all documents were being shipped to me immediately! After almost 4years and a lot of money. Money that I didn't have. I borrowed it. My husband is a Navy Veteran he lost his job over a year ago and has received no money. He has applied for disability for PTSD. I don't know how Frank Vescio and George Davison can even sleep at night knowing that people truly believe that they can make their ideas reality! I work very hard to support my family. I honestly believed them and now I am broke and broken! I am requesting all my product information and my product sample to be returned to me and I will find a company that will help me! [protected]
😡 Dawn Varuola

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