Access Self Storage Complaints & Reviews

Access Self Storage / car storage

Feb 27, 2019

I have used your self storage to store my antique car for around two years. I've always used car cover to protect the car from elements. One of the agreement I had with the location manager was to inform me when the cover is blown off so I can come and fix the cover. Four months ago I...

Access Self Storage at Kingscross / refund of storage

Nov 23, 2018

Hi, I sent several mails to cancel my Kings Cross storage reservation for the 11th of Dec 2018 but no response till now. As for when I made the booking, they were replying to my mail instantly. My Ref is AR6DB8A6. Name is Lugun Ramavtaarsingh. Please refund via credit card which was used...

Access Self Storage / direct debit issues

Nov 12, 2018

I went into your reading branch 10weeks ago and filled out a new direct debit mandate. but for the 8weeks access reading has tried to take money from a closed account instead of my new account, resulting in me getting a £8 charge every month. I have been dealing with Lucie Sneberkova at reading...

Access Self Storage / edmonton self storage.

May 15, 2018

15.05.2018. Dear Sir/madam, I recently had a conversation with one of the staff in Edmonton access self storage London. His name is Shain, he is extremely rude and unhelpful, he was shouting at me and terminated the call intentionally. I would like this matter to be investigated and reviewed. I...

Access Self Storage / deduction of rs 130 from my sbi credit card account ending 3561

May 10, 2017

It is intimated that I have not subscribe any deduction of money from my SBI Credit card ending 3561. However RS 130 has been deducted from credit card today on account of Google * kiloo game which is wrong and not in orider. You are requested to refund my deducted amount in credit card...

Access Self Storage Harrow / terrible experience


I cancelled my contract with Access Self-Storage on 19/03/2009. I received my statement on 20/04/2009 and Access Self-Storage £63.40 was taken from my account unaware Barclays Debit Card on 16/04/2009. A short time ago I had lost my debit card and I was sent new card. But Acce...