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I have an idea and invested $4700.00 now I am out of work

I have a great idea and have invested $4700.00 and now out of work and can't pay the remaining balance...

I was scammed for my invention idea

My name is Joshua, and was also scammed by the Davison company. I paid 11k for an idea and when I recieved my prottype from the it was a fake look a like of a air wick design. They came back after the design to ask for money to start the pitch to their so calles connection. If there is anyway doing a class action suit against them I have all my paperwork to help support the effort. [protected]


I am requesting my money back before I retain an attorney and file a lawsuit. I spoke with a gentleman from Davison named Matt assuring me that my product sample( which I created therefore it is my property) and all documents were being shipped to me immediately! After almost 4years and a lot of money. Money that I didn't have. I borrowed it. My husband is a Navy Veteran he lost his job over a year ago and has received no money. He has applied for disability for PTSD. I don't know how Frank Vescio and George Davison can even sleep at night knowing that people truly believe that they can make their ideas reality! I work very hard to support my family. I honestly believed them and now I am broke and broken! I am requesting all my product information and my product sample to be returned to me and I will find a company that will help me! [protected]
😡 Dawn Varuola

my invention idea

After almost 4years and a lot of money. Money that I didn't have. I borrowed it. My husband is a Navy Veteran he lost his job over a year ago and has received no money. He has applied for disability for PTSD. I don't know how Frank Vescio and George Davison can even sleep at night knowing that people truly believe that they can make their ideas reality! I work very hard to support my family. I honestly believed them and now I am broke and broken! I am requesting all my product information and my product sample to be returned to me and I will find a company that will help me! We shall see if they return MY PRODUCT idea! Please, don't believe them they are liars and thieves!! Trust me!! I promise you if you choose to believe INVENTIONLAND you will be broke and disappointed like me😡 Dawn Varuola

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    Can anyone suggest an attorney to attempt to get my money back? I have no money to hire an attorney.

marketing my invention

In 2015 I signed up with Davidson inventors to market my invention. I was given different prices from in the hundreds up into the thousands. I was talked into the higher priced program and started making payments. I am a disabled senior on SSD. After a few years I decided that I could not make payments any more. Of course, refunds are out of the question. They owe me $3252.50.

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invention company

I started off sending money to Davidson Company in 2017 for idea, At first i was very excited they made me feel like i had a great product idea. I had my weekly meetings with them telling me to send more money it's now 2019 i sent 800 dollars they won't give me a refund . Mike still sendimg me text for more money telling me they will give me a discount if I send money in for the month of Nov . I don't understand how they can just take our money like that.


I submitted my idea in April 2016 and was quickly greeted with a response of interested. Numerous (what I...

I love the current company i'm working with.

You people have no idea or patience for any idea you want to do for an invention. I've spent 800 on pre-Developement and to do a complete build with presentation along with licensing and patent. I've already seen what my finished prototype looks like and I like it and looks neat. And I'm waiting for presentation next week. If you have the patience to wait 2 and a half years then anything is possible. I waited 2 years and 4 months and it's in its final stages and they let me see my prototype. This is awesome. This was worth every penny.

mine I put in for an idea

I jennifer put in for an idea awhile back and Davidson's company is a fraud they steal people's money when I first called they told me 800.00 to get started then they said to build my project they needed an 5, 000 they stole this money from me and nothing happen there the biggest fraud every I am going to write the news where there located let's put the complaints. On this company and get them in the news feed I will do what I can to get my money back and don't care what I have to do if I have to get a lawyer I will everyone who's been a victim of fraud with this company we should all get together some how and fight this I'm sure there people out there that lost more then I have people that's our money let's get it back

wasn't told I could get donations until there was no tax break.

I been working with them since April 2015. And started way before that. And still owe thousands of dollars. I am still working with them and honestly just feel like I am being scammed. Brian Svantner at svantner.[protected] is who i am told I am working with. He mentioned something about a home and a vehicle payment that's do. And that's not what I am paying for. I am paying to put A Hands Free Channel changing product in the store's.

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    I am not paying them anymore money. Because they also tell me that there is no guarantee I am getting paid.

once I paid, they did nothing, with my invention then keep asking for more money to provide other services

When I first called about my invention idea, I was given many promises. I would receive a prototype, my idea would be shared with many companies, I could even get on QVC, ideas that I came up with that were similar would also be added in with no extra money, and on and on. I didn't make much money, so it took me 4-5 years to pay off the $10, 000 they needed to get this going. Oh, and they said certain things would happen when I reached $2000, and other things would happen when I reached half, etc. Once I got it all paid off, my original guy had left and another employee helped me. He said he was presenting my product to a company on a certain day. Then he said they weren't interested. And did I want all my paperwork back or should they keep it. I was so shocked that I told him to just keep it. A couple years have passed and I called to get my paperwork back. I got a guy named Frank, who was rude and abrupt. He told me they never followed up with trying to get my product on QVC or other presentations, and he was wondering if I was interested. Of course I said yes! Then I received an email asking for several thousand dollars more for those services. When he did a follow up call, I told him I was hurt and insulted and I want all my stuff back. Then I hung up and am filing this complaint. I hope for my $10000 at least they do that. I worked so hard to throw $10, 000 away, it makes me sick. And I'm angry that I was so stupid. Please stop these people from taking hard-earned money away from others...


I gave Ryan Matlock $14, 000.00 and he did not do anything with my idea. Ryan sent me some drawing that were supposedly done by his people. He originally called me frequently when I had a balance. Now he tells me that I am in the "queue". He does not respond to my requests to talk to him. At one time he sent me a picture of a product on Amazon that he wanted me to buy and would receive a credit for it if I purchased it. I was always getting videos of supposedly happy clients to make me feel good about dealing with him. I get no contact in any way with him. I do not expect to.i have been scammed.

swings sample and prototype

Davison and I had an open line of communication until they received north of $12, 000 after that I'd have to leave countless messages. Ted Morse Sr was the director for my project but he was never available. Jeffery Sawyer the executive Vice President took over the project he wasn't much better. He eventually passed us on to Barbara Browning who referred us to Matt Alwine. Bottom line they never made the prototype they sent my homemade video to the Corporation. The corporation told them that it was not protectable from a patent standpoint and they were concerned about the safety of it. And the product appeared to be in early stages of development and would take a significant amount of time to get it to the market. I had to call the corporation to get this information Davison would not elaborate on the corporation decision to decline my product. They only told me the targeted company is not interested at this time. They never mentioned the fact that they didn't send a prototype which in my belief they never produced. I called Davison to ask a rhetorical question (why did you say the corporation decline my project)then told them the answer and they were mad. They then ask me did the corporation tell me that cause if so that was a breach in contract and they could never do business with them again .

my baby product toasty towel

I gave a total of 12, 000 dollars to these scam artists. Told the manufacturer was Teezed. Got the runaround for two years. I finally asked for my product which was cheaply made. These are proclaimed professionals, with Pixar computer graphic design for packaging. Once I requested my product, I never got anymore communication. Completely ignored. Vicky was my contact who sounded completely uneducated and sleepy. Please count me in on this lawsuit. I was a single mom who gave my savings! [protected]@gmail. com

my wet/ dry wipe

Been paying this company for 4 years over 29 thousand dollars and now they need $4, 000.00 more for packaging and It just recently came to my attention that my product is being sold already after 4 years of this company telling me it's too soon to patent my product, I wanna know who's selling my invention and who made it 😠I have kept records of pymnt.s

heart monitor system

I started my invention idea back in August 2016, the amount they gave me was I have to pay $15015 to have my idea invented. It is Junr 2019 now almost 3 years and they still have not created yet. They said they are waiting approval from the pattern department. I need my money back I've worked so hard for my money and don't give a damn about it. Can someone help me!!!?????


My name is krystal chisholm I am too a victim of patent fraud with david davidson I lost 700 bucks... Could...

business idea/invention

I started researching this company before starting to work with them. The person I spoke with and had been working with is no longer with the company. That representative explained things to me and sent me the agreement so I can look over it. I began sending money to pay the development fee to get my business idea and business off the ground. Now that all the money towards the fee has been paid and I'm ready to move forward, the new individuals is impossible to work with. He sent me an email talking about cancelling my agreement because he kept calling me at work when I couldn't talk to him. I explained to him months prior my work and schedule. He kept ignoring my emails and when we finally talk, he brings up that I need to pay more money to move forward and rehire the company. I told him about the oral agreement I had through the prior rep and he wouldn't listen or except. Now I am out of money and back to square one.


What do I need to do to join the group for the class action lawsuit? I was taken by Davison as well, for an invention that didn't get me anywhere besides broke. I spent $795 for the research and development phase in the beginning. Then they wanted another $10000 to $12000 for the next phase for I'm not really sure what. All I know is that I was supposed to pay it all off before they made the product and all I got out of the $795 was a dvd and a packet to sign for the $10000 to $12000 and some research results that anyone could have came up with. I never signed the packet to agree on that price and I missed a couple phone appointments because I was at work, so they told me that I my account was going to be closed. Well the only reason for the phone calls was to get more money and I didn't have any to make a payment at that time. Also in the beginning, they told me that I could pay as I go and there was no time limit to pay it off. So I figured I could go at my own pace and it wouldn't be a problem. As it was, I had already paid off the $795, so I was working towards it, I just had a hard time paying the rest without a little more reassurance since the $795 didn't pay for much in my opinion. Anyway, they supposedly closed my account for no reason except for false information that they gave me. I demanded a refund and they said they weren't giving out refunds. But since I never signed the agreement, they should have refunded me without any problem. Therefore, i would definitely like to get my money back one way or another, so I will do whatever I need to to become a part of the class action group. Please let me know what I need to do to make that happen. Thank you.

Research development and presentation service

My name is Les Molina, and I have been scammed by Davison. They are very pushy people, they lie, they tell...