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I returned a dress to David's Bridal via UPS. It was received by David's Bridal on 9/13/19. I have not received my refund yet. Everytime I call customer service, I am told that they will look into it and someone will call me back. I have not received a phone call back with an ETA on when I can expect to receive my refund. One customer service agent said there was a glitch in the system and all refunds approved on 9/19/19 were not issued. Another customer service agent said that my refund was sent to PayPal and that should call PayPal and my financial institution. I called PayPal and they said they have not received a refund from David's Bridal. My financial institution (Bank of America) said they have not received a refund from David's Bridal. Today (10/7/19) I called David's Bridal to ask for a supervisor for the 4th time. The customer service agent advised this issue is on David's Bridal's side. Due to a glitch in the system, my funds were not transmitted. I was told there is a ticket open, but there is no ETA on resolution. This is unexceptable. I should not be inconvenienced due to David Briday's technical difficults. I have called David's Bridal 4 times to ask for a supervisor, however I have been unable to speak to a supervisor. The customer servants agents do not care because this does not impact them. Apparently the surpervisors do not care either. Appears to me David's Bridal is holding my money hostage or trying to steal my money.

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  • Jt
      Oct 10, 2019

    Hi there!

    This is my first time EVER on a complaint board about customer service and I almost never leave reviews. Your comment triggered me because I am going through an issue right now with DB and glad to hear that I'm not alone! My situation is a bit different because I returned my item through USPS and in the process misplaced my tracking receipt. It has been over 2 weeks and the status is STILL pending and instead of possibly chalking it up to a system glitch in their warehouse or human error when receiving packages they just say the package is lost. This is soooo funny, because they don't even have the tracking number to confirm this, so they are making an assumption! There is a possibility that it was received and is taking a long time to process or is just sitting somewhere. Here is the kicker..they apparently only track the returns in their warehouse by their RMA number anyway. They only ask for the shipping tracking info to check to see if it was in fact sent/received, after THEN they will contact the warehouse to escalate processing or to further look into the status. They REFUSE to contact the warehouse to look for my package or to check on the status (based on my RMA #) only because I am not providing them with the USPS tracking number. Human error exists and they could be backlogged and just haven't processed it yet, but I'll never know because they won't even attempt to check! Until I give them my tracking number they said they won't proceed with looking into the issue . I've called them 3 times and no one will help me further.

    TRY THIS! File a transaction dispute/claim with BOA. Playing games with your return and sending you on a goose hunt without attempting to rectify the issue or escalate it is completely unacceptable and dismissive. I'm no banker, but based on the info and proof you provide, I presume your dispute would be approved (and money returned).

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