David's BridalThey LIED about alterations!!!


Please, I'm begging you all to NOT EVER shop at David's Bridal!!! I wish I had researched the company more before I even wasted my time with them. OK here's the story:

I went to DB in August 08 to get a head start on my wedding planning and dress selection. I had a really nice associate (I have to give them that she was great, poor girl no longer works there so she's probably SMART!) who helped me find a gown that I LOVE! So far so good. I was told not to worry that I'm apparently a shorty and that I would definitly need the hem taken up because they offer one free alteration with the purchase of the dress and that they also clean/press the dress, do a bead check, and make sure any loose threads are taken care of. So I'm thinking GREAT, no problem cuz I'm not psycho dieting, I'll wait til the spring, get my fitting & free alteration and be on the road for one single price!

Soooo I went back in Dec 08 (wedding is in June 09) and bought the dress. I verified and was again reassurred that I get one alteration free and to call soon to make sure I get an appointment in a timely fashion. So I called today for the alteration. And the seamstress was very rude to begin with and then informed me that alterations are NOT free, not even one time, and that there is a set cost depending on your dress for whatever parts need fixing. This could add up! I was irate. I asked how much just for the hem which of course she couldn't even give me a ballpark figure. So I asked to be transferred back to the manager. They told me that they never do free alterations and that they would never have said that. So too bad for me. Now I have a non-returnable dress and I've been lied to and I'm out of $$ for dresses cuz seriouosly, I'm not rich! So I called corporate and they can do nothing or don't care. The lady (Heidi Miller) was pleasant on the phone but couldn't really do much or wouldn't or whatever. She said I have one day to return the dress & they will refund me.

So my beautiful princess dress is going back and I'm really sad about that and I have to start over. Thank god I have a few months but such such such BS!!! I'm so mad about this and they will lose the extra money of my 6 bridesmaids & 2 mothers (mom & mom-in-law) who will not purchase so much as a ribbon from this crappy store!!!


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    Gin Schild May 23, 2011

    I purchased both of my daughter's dresses at David's Bridal. One in Chattanooga and one in Nashville. My oldest daughter lost weight and needed her dress taken up quite a bit. She was assured that all was well, but when she went back to get the dress just days before her wedding (May 21, 2011). It was still much too large. We literally had to pin the dress up with safety pins the day of the wedding because it was too late to do anything else about it. According to David's Bridal, she just lost more weight. Give me a break...in one week's time she lost 20 + pounds? No way, and I cannot find a place on their web sight to contact them. Think I will discourage everyone from using David's Bridal. Was not pleased at all with the total experience.

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    Bride in VA Jul 22, 2011

    DB of Jacksonville, FL - Verbally assured my fiance that alterations were (FREE) including in price of dress !
    Liars ! Liars ! Alterations costed more than the dress ! What a $$$ Scam $$$ !!!
    If it is not in writting - don't believe it !

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    Anonymous Oct 31, 2011

    I don't know who the hell you talked to but DB has NEVER offered "one free alteration with purchase." Ever.

    Besides, if this happened in 2008-09, why are you posting two years later? It's so ###ing simple... get your alterations done elsewhere. Of course, your wedding was over two years ago, so why are you posting this now? You are such an idiot... any gown you buy is going to need alterations! Especially if you're short!!

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