David Weekley Homeshouses are total disaster!

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We purchased a David Weekley home based on promises and representations made by the sales staff, marketing materials, past awards and your reputation in the Tampa area. Let me outline the list of problems that we have had or still have with what was to be our dream home. This list is by no means inclusive of our problems, but rather a mere sampling.

1) Told by sales staff on 3 occasions, there was a front porch across house. It doesn’t have one.

2) We were supposed to have a full lanai in back. After moving across country from California, we find out that 8 feet of our lanai houses two air conditioning units. We were not told this or formally notified of a design change until 3 months after we signed a contract. We were not given an option to have the units placed elsewhere. Several houses on the same street have units placed by master bedroom.

3) There are major structural issues with the house.

4) The roof trusses are jimmied in to fit, rather than flush.

5) The roof is so uneven that it looks like there are waves on our house.

6) The foundation is not level. In some spots, it is an inch higher than the surrounding area.

7) There are several large (1/4”-3/8”) cracks in the foundation

8) There are several major design problems. For example, the cabinet in one bathroom protrudes into the molding around door. The door was not placed far enough to one side to account for the cabinet. We were told all the Tyson units are designed this way.

9) We were told that we had a 3 car garage, yet the third space is taken up by air conditioner units.

10) There is not a straight wall in our house. Some walls bow in 1-2”.

11) There is not a molding in the house that is mitered correctly.

12) We have a severe erosion problem in the back yard.

13) Windows are so uneven that there are some windows that the top and bottom measurement differ by 1-2”.

14) We were told by a David Weekly employee that “green wood was used”, causing many of the problems, including the uneven walls and windows.

15) Interior walls were not placed correctly, resulting in several rooms that are off on one side by 2-3”.

16) Water softener plumber forgot to include a drain.

17) We never got a paint touch up set.

18) We still don’t have a listing of all the numbers to call for repairs, or a listing of our colors. We didn’t receive our homeowner portfolio until the day of closing.

19) The main wall in the Great Room was so uneven and bowed; the warranty department had to put crown molding to cover up fixes. We were originally told that David Weekly was going to put crown molding in the entire room, but when the fix occurred, it was only put in on the wall and let unpainted. So we had to pay to put it on the other walls and paint it.

20) Condenser units installed incorrectly.

This is merely a sampling of the many errors. So we go through the process with the warranty department. Nothing is ever fixed the first time. In many situations we have had to have work done on items 3-4 times. For example, the side porch, it took them 4 times to fix and it is still not right. Not to mentioned, during one of the fixes they splattered paint on our walls and our neighbor’s walls. This has yet to be repainted. Or the tile guy uses the wrong color grout (not even close enough in color to try an argue it is a dye lot issue) so all the repairs are noticeable.

Employees spend more time blaming someone else than actually fixing the problem. For example, to repair the poor miter cuts in the molding, the painters were supposed to repair and repaint the molding. They repainted the molding but told us the carpenter had to fix the molding. The carpenter, of course says it is the painters responsibility.

To add insult to injury, we have had items stolen from our house by your employees. My husband is self-employed, so when he is there supervising your staff to ensure that the items get fixed and we are not robbed, he is loosing money. The few times when items were actually repaired, the repairman usually break something else in the process. For example, the molding guy damaged several of our tiles by throwing his power tool on the floor when putting up the crown molding in the great room and repairing the baseboards around the island in the kitchen.

We are not some picky homeowners, or as we were told by one of your employees “Boy, California must have good building codes, because the problems you have are nothing compared to what gets built in Florida”. All I wanted was a house constructed with appropriate materials and built by competent employees. I understand there are always going to be minor repairs and problems with a new house. Our problems are not minor. Other David Weekly homeowners in Wilderness Lake Preserve Phase II have expressed similar concerns.

Company details:
David Weekley Homes

Corporate Office
1111 North Post Oak Road
Houston, Texas 77055
[protected] phone
[protected] fax


Local Division

4505 Woodland Corporate Blvd. Suite 200

Tampa, FL 33614

Fax: [protected]

Re: Wilderness Lake Preserve

Plan 3936 B

Job #: [protected]

Purchase Date: April 02, 2005

Move-in date: October 31, 2005


  • Sa
    Sai Jun 02, 2008

    In our subdivision there is an artificial community lake that had serious engineering flaws and as a result was drained. For six months instead of having a lake in our backyard as promised when we bought the house, we had a nasty basin with a shallow moat infested with various disgusting creatures. Our home values dropped as a result and our neighborhood was an embarrassing sight to everybody. We sued the homeowners association and David Weekly in a class action lawsuit but the judge dismissed it on the grounds that David Weekly "promptly" fixed the matter (by promptly I mean after 3 months of nothing and 3 months of caterpillars and bulldozers tearing up the basin).

    Writing from Chelsea Harbor subdivision in Sugar Land TX

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  • Bl
    Blake Barrett Sep 07, 2008

    We have owned 4 David Weekley Homes and have NEVER had a problem with any of them. As far as I'm concerned they build one of the best products on the market. BTW - It's Weekley

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  • Iv
    Ivette Bravo May 11, 2018

    @Blake Barrett if this is so, i dont want to know what the other companies are like. HORRIBLE EXPERINCE, THE WORST BUILDER

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  • Da
    danish modern Oct 31, 2018

    @Ivette Bravo “4 DW homes and never had a problem with any of them”... hmmm...this statement is a little sketchy as the probability of having no problems with any home (even the finest custom home) let alone 4, is ZERO. I bought a new DW house in 2000 and it was a virtual case study on how not to build a home.
    At the end of the day I FEDEXed a letter describing the situation to mr Weekely which resulted in a flurry of activity addressing most of the issues (at that time).
    This company builds volume/tract homes like GM built cars in the 70s - ie assembly line. The concept looks good on paper but in practice there are too many variables to control, especially with the time and cost constraints of the tract market.

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  • Mi
    micmac Feb 03, 2009

    We have a David Weekley home in Texas where the flashing was not installed correctly on a faux balcony. It has been a 5 year nightmare of trying to get Weekley to repair it properly. Part of the problem is the staff changes constantly in the Warranty office and they do not own up to the repairs and blame it on other people. We are contemplating civil action because I am fed up with them.

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  • He
    HenryHook Apr 27, 2009

    David Weekley has the highest turnover in the homebuilding business, this is the source of many of their issues. When I built my home with them in 2007 I had 5 different building superintendants and 3 different salesepeople. The ones that are still there are constantly afraid of losing their job.

    I honestly don't see how this company has such a good reputation. For one...the floor plans that they tout so highly are severely flawed. Most have small pantrys, small closets, and tiny secondary bedrooms. I dare you to go to some of their model homes and fit just a full size bed in the secondary bedrooms.

    Also, almost everything in their homes are upgrades. Just ask one of their salesepeople to tell you what is an upgrade in the model...watch how quickly they skirt the issue. Don't believe me? Ask the salesperson if the LIGHT on the ceiling fan is standard !!! Guess what...it's not.

    I could go on and on. My experience with them has been horrific and I will never purchase another David Weekley home again. I also tell all my friends the same. It was in short...a NIGHTMARE.

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  • Ho
    Hoodwinked by Weekley May 05, 2010

    I couldn't agree more with the complaints I've read about David Weekley Homes. They have to be the worst excuse for home builders on the planet. All the complaints I'm reading here are the same old story, nightmare actually, that I am living. I recently had a Weekley home built and it is the worst decision I ever made in my life.
    I guess I'll have to sue if I want to try to get anything done about it.

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  • Jo
    Joe Zacha May 26, 2010

    I bought a David Weekley home and have had major foundation issues . Our bathroom tiles started to pop up and we went to replace it. We found out why the tiles were popping up - the foundation was never properly cured and instead of rock hard concrete, we have concrete that you can dig through with your fingers. They tiled right over it, instead of fixing the problem!!!

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  • Ds
    dshirleym Jul 13, 2010

    I too have had nothing but major problems since the day we moved in, when the doorknob fell off the front door and we could not get in. That should have been a warning and we should have turned and ran. Walls bowed, electrical outlets tripping the breakers, a huge plumbing leak in the laundry room, second floor shower leaking into ceiling of first floor x 2. Master bath tile floor cracked across room because sub floor was not secured. Tile grout was wrong color. The commode was not secured to the floor. The list was three pages long. We are currently dealing with a roof leak that as of yet no one has replied back to us about. The last time, a year ago, I was told maintenance needed to be done on the vents in the roof to prevent leaks. I paid out hundreds of dollars. The house is not even 5 years old. I too thought my dream home was being built but it has been nothing but a nightmare.

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  • We
    Weekley1 Aug 18, 2010

    YEP!!! Give a wet back a hammer and call em a carpenter!!!

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  • St
    Stephan Barrett Jun 18, 2011

    I'm curious as to where you all purchased your David Weekley Home? I live in a David weekly Home and LOVE IT!! I live in Baldwin Park in Orlando Florida and several of my friends also own a David Weekley Home and are quite pleased. I would recommend them to anyone. Not only do they have the best service and sales staff, but if you have issues, they do their best to fix any problem that occurs. Have you all called the Centralized Warranty about your issues? Owning a home no matter who the builder is, will have some responsibilities on the homeowner. Any of these issues above could happen with any builder! At least David Weekley fixes the problem, or tries to. There is a reason why they are rated an A+ by the Better Business Bureau. I love my home and David Weekley! Thank you for building my dream home for my family!

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  • Jh
    JHud Jun 29, 2011

    We are lucky our house has not burned down due to the terrible and dangerous wiring done by David Weekly contractors. We did not realize how poorly our house was built until we started updating our light fixtures and ceiling fans. PATHETIC! When our bathroom track lights were installed, the contractor took a hammer and knocked a large (14 inch X 6 inch) hole in the wall and installed without an electric box in the wall. Just a plain flush mount. Neither light was grounded. 2 of the 5 ceiling fans were not properly grounded. David Weekly came out a few times and tried to fix wiring issues but never could figure them out...half ### fix. Continued to have problems. As a result of poor wiring behind the master bath shower wall, I starting getting an electric shock while taking a shower and touching the shower head (This was 6 years after being in the house and only a matter of time). Not a little shock but a pretty good jolt. David Weekly came to my house and instead of fixing it properly, they knocked a hole in the wall, and then bypassed the the line by cutting a hole in the brick on the OUTSIDE of my house and bypassing the electric line about 6 to 8 feet. Looks terrible on the side of my house. The touch up on the wall and paint where they knocked a hole in the wall is awful and doesn't even closely match. Air conditioning ventilation in the attic was very poor craftsmanship and design before I had someone come fix. I found 2 drop clothes used by contractors, one under the insulation in the attic and 1 in the door under the sink that goes to the bathtub jet motor. 1 had urine stains and both had trash (half eaten sandwich) wrapped up inside. Yummy! The wiring in the garage and sprinkler system was SEVERELY screwed up and cost me about $1000 having people come and look at it. Broken bottles, wood trimmings and trash under the sod was continually found in the yard. This was my family's first house. We were very young and naive and should have research better and had an outside inspector come and take a look. We will not make this mistake again nor will we EVER come close to a David Weekly home.

    Johnnie - Fort Worth, TX

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  • Fl
    flygirl737 Sep 25, 2011

    We have spent 5 months working with DW on a custom home in Castle Hills and finally gave up...after selling our house they kept giving us the runaround about the price...we made no changes on our end but they kept raising the price. Then they wanted more deposit money...we finally walked away...what a waste of time. I will NEVER build with Weekley. Their sales people make promises...even in writing and they the company will not honor them. We took a loss on our current house just to sell it...now we have to go find another one. Plus they are trying to keep our earnest money!

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  • Ke
    Kevin Facon Mar 12, 2012

    If these clowns are actually A+ rated by the Better Business Bureau (as someone claimed above), then the BBB must be a scam. I've never owned a David Weekley Home, but as a designer, I've been in several. The floorplans are awful, with cramped spaces and poor placement. Their finish-out is cheap garbage, even when the house itself is half a million dollars plus, and in a lakeside setting! The home I was in today had 80s-style pink brick on the fireplace and ugly 4" tile on the countertops. Tile, with grout, in a kitchen today? The island was so close to the wall you could barely pass between them. I'm no foo-foo design snob either; I don't care if you have laminate in your kitchen or your home is small - when done properly, there are many ways things can be cool. But David Weekley doesn't understand any of them. It's clear that all they care about is profit. No one who took pride in their work could put such junk in a home as they do, and take almost no effort to think about how the people living in the house will feel.

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  • Se
    sean.white Jun 25, 2012

    Bought a short-sell with my brother in July of 2011. Since the inspection which was done by anyhome inspection services of Tampa, FL by an amateur young kid we 1 year later now have a roof which is leaking and stage 1 mold on the interior sheathing of the roof. I'm recently BPI certified and soon to be a licensed realtor and i know that David Weekly homes doespoor quality and sloppy work on roofing. The drainage system also is inproperly done. Seeking legal help and may sue. WOod rotted out and shingle began sinking. When on ladder and looking at other homes in the neighborhood i see the same problem developing on other homes. The amount of slag around the foundation and random large 4x4 pieces of wood in the ground was disturbing too when i started digging up stuff to do landscaping. Gathering up numerous inspections from roofers and contractors and will be threatening David Weekly Homes with compensation for the damages from a home built only 5 years ago.

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  • Gi
    Girlfriend2732 Jul 03, 2012

    I wish I had time to list all of the problems we have had with our WEAKLY home (and yes I know I spelled it wrong) My heart goes out to you. Many of my neighbors have had the same amount of issues that you have listed. I just had to have my shower pulled only to find out they did not include a shower pan and it has been leaking since we moved it. Shocked I am not. we have had to move out to have all the widows replaced because they did not install them correctly. Mold was growing everywhere in my house. Foundation issues, Cracking walls...the list goes on and on. I warn everyone that mentions this builder to steer clear. They are the worst in the industry.

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  • Su
    Susie Lessard Aug 21, 2017

    @Girlfriend2732 What caused your mold? All four homes on our street have had mold issues in the garages. We also found mold on our screened porch. Now we are finding it under the bathroom sink - located off one of the upstairs bathrooms which has never been used. The representative told us that it's just humid in this area and to expect mold (thank you for stating the obvious). The question ought to be: What is David Weekley doing to mitigate that fact in their homes building plans for this area. I'll tell you - nothing! David Weekley builds on Daniel Island, South Carolina (you can look up the cost). This is our 5th home and the most costly. It has been problematic from the beginning. Over marketed and under delivered. The quality of the home is terrible. The workmanship non-existent. We have solicited an independent home inspector even though we have passed our 11 month inspection. We would never recommend this builder to anyone, and will sell at the earliest opportunity.

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  • We
    weekly curious Aug 14, 2012

    has anyone done a build on your own lot contract? had to break it? get your initial earnest money back?

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  • De
    Dezign Mar 12, 2013

    Recently, our main line pipe broke due to tree roots. Large trees are planted to sell home, then later the tree roots break pipes causing many thousands od damage. In our case over $29, 000 due to sewer water backup. This has been a nightmare. Through the process, while the yard and driveway were dug up, found out there was no rebar in the driveway as it should have been, trash in the interior walls, and lots of other issues. We learned that some of our neighbors have had the same problem in Valley Ranch, Irving, TX. We were told by our very competent plumber that every house will need to be done at some point. Planting these huge trees is totally irresponsible. We have been out of our house for almost one and a half months and project is only 65% complete. Our insurance company is covering the water damage because we randomly decided to upgrade our policy 2 months before. We were lucky. However, our lives have been put on hold with lots of aggravation. I would never recommend a Weekly home. It's all smoke and mirrors as far as we can see!

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  • Re
    redx2 Mar 15, 2013

    Our David Weekley Home experience has been a nightmare with many systems failing and in disrepair. Going to DW to get them fixed has been a nightmare too. Now, the tile in our master-bath is cracking and falling off the walls. Here we go again!

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  • Ka
    Karen-DWH disaster Mar 21, 2013

    We are going through the same problems. Total nightmare. We purchased DWH in the spring of 2012. The house was aready in 3 months time. Could not believe it, to good to be true and I was right. They build houses like crap. No pride in anyones work. Still going through repairs for eight months now. We came to Florida from New York to retire and had nothing but people coming in and out since. That's if you can get them here. House still needs lots of repairs and getting the warranty people and coporate to do anything is like pulling teeth. It's a total mess. Very angry with DWH. List is unbelievably long. The hits just keep on coming. There answer to everything is patch it. Well, they just want to put lipstick on a pig and call it a day. I would advise anyone thinking of purchasing a DWH to run the other way!!! and fast. My whole block are DWH's and all the houses that were built the same time as ours and after all have the same complaints, same issues. They put the houses up in 3 months time, all they were interested in was the almighty dollar not caring about the familes that were going to live in them, It's a disgrace what DWH's are doing to hard working families who want to have the american dream of owning a home and not having to get ripped off. We just want what we paid for!!! They need to step up and and compensate the familes who purchased DWH's for there lost time, broken dreams and aggravation.

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  • St
    Steve Griffith Apr 18, 2013

    I purchased my David Weekley Home in February of '08 here in Roanoke, Texas. And although I'm pleased with the floor plan, as mentioned above, the bedrooms (other than the master) a ridiculously small. At the end of my buyer orientation, after I closed escrow, I was handed a sheet of paper entitled "Why is there condensation on my window sills?" It went on to explain it is the inherent nature of windows on cold days to have condensation & if not cleaned "it is quite possible mold or mildew will begin to grow." Found out the next morning what this meant, every window sill had puddles of water. I went around and wiped them down. This went on for about a week until I figured out to take rolled up towels & place them on the sills. And that is how it's been ever since, for about 5 months, rolled up towels on the sills to absorb the condensation. Bad enough, but what is absolutely infuriating and inexcusable is DWH changed their windows from aluminum framed to vinyl the month before I closed escrow. Vinyl framed windows do not have the condensation problem. I've called and written numerous times and gotten the professional run around. "The house is new and still drying out. It's what we were using then. Turn your FAU and bathroom vent fans on." It comes down to this: David Weekley Homes knew they had a serious problem with aluminum framed windows and continued to install them when the remedy was easily available. I thought it was save to take down the towels a couple of weeks ago, but we've had a couple of rain storms and I'm back to going around in the morning wiping the sills down, half way through April. Caveat emptor!!!

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  • Co
    CoyoteSimmons Aug 04, 2013

    They have just started building in Salt Lake City and we were excited because their prices were pretty affordable. We have not signed anything or given them any money. I was excited and now I am scared. Are these problems going on with the contractors they hire or the company itself? Why didn't the inspectors catch these issues when the homes were being built? Any comments would be appreciated!

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  • Da
    David Weekley is horrible Aug 07, 2013

    Our experience with David Weekley in Charlotte, NC was an absolute nightmare. My wife and I went under contract to have our dream home built at the end of October 2012 and were told 6 months. After numerous delays and feet dragging, the house was eventually set to close at the end of September 2013, which would have been 11 months! However we never got to that point as David Weekley cancelled our contract and refunded our money 9 months into the process with no explanation given, other than a lame excuse that they could not meet or exceed our expectations. The real reason though is that they incurred some unexpected expenses along the way and realized they could sell the house for more than our contract price, which is what they did by selling it for $50, 000 more! My wife and I watched our dream home be built from the ground up, only to have it stolen back by these thieves. And the contract is worded so much in their favor that there is nothing we can do about it. It's sad that a "reputable" company like this has to stoop this low to make a profit. In the end it's all about the bottom line and they could care less about the customer. Now my wife and I have to scramble around to find another home while interest rates continue to climb and housing inventory is low.

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  • St
    Steve Griffith Aug 22, 2013

    @ CoyoteSimmons: What I neglected to mention in my statement above was that DWH had come highly recommended from my brother & his wife who, at the time, lived in a Weekley home. I think, on the whole, they build a quality house & sincerely try to their best. Which makes my experience all the more frustrating. And yes, sometimes the sub-contractors lack proper oversight (which happened to me) but that's a problem with the super in the field. Ask the neighbors what their experience was like, that'll be your best reference.

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  • Ly
    LynnieS Aug 26, 2013

    I should have known when I asked my realtor what he thought of David Weekley Homes and he responded with, "They're...ok."

    I've purchased 4 brand new homes in my life: 3 were fine, but the David Weekley has been a nightmare. The only thing worse than all the problems I've had with it, is the pompous warranty manager I've had to deal with. The issues we've had are as follows. The workmen tried to rinse concrete down the drain in the master bath; it hardened and plugged the drain. The hardware in the master tub was stripped and had to be completely replaced. The dishwasher motor was burned out when we tried it the first time and we went 2 1/2 months before it was replaced. The exterior paint is so thin in places you can see the gray block or stucco underneath. Some of the interior walls have thin paint and the white drywall shows through the eggshell color. The pipes under the kitchen sink leaked, soaking the cupboard below. One of the cupboards in the kitchen is so crooked it is clearly visible. The driveway cracked from one end to the other after a few months because the control joints are either non-existent or too shallow. The exterior stucco has stress cracks in it from top to bottom. The bathroom light fixtures and tub stoppers are so cheap they have corroded more than once. The kitchen sink basket breaks after using for about a week...many replacements. Windows that are off between 1/2 inch to an inch from top to bottom.

    These are just a few of the issues we've had. Even more frustrating has been working with the service warranty manager. After meeting him for the first time, the initial words out of his mouth were, "I was under a time crunch to finish this house by year's end; it was slapped together." I could not believe he said it, but there it was. The longer we lived in the house, the more we discovered was wrong with it. He would ignore our first, second and third attempts to get things fixed. He back-paddled, said he would call, didn't, and agreed to do work that he put off...hoping we would forget about it. When the deadlines would go by and he still hadn't responded like he said he would, I would gingerly email him and he responded with serious sarcasm. Some issues are six months old, yet he continues to put me off for another 30-60 days. He told me last week he would get with to make a plan, the next day I had a workman on a second story ladder looking in my windows as he put crack filler all over my house--unannounced. I thought a few cracks were being filled, however, the cracks were so extensive it resembles a spider web and the neighbors are saying our house looks like Spiderman's lair. Cars are actually stopping and people point as they walk by.

    His emails are snotty, his tone rude and today he was so mean to me my husband had to tell him never to contact me again, but deal only with him. I would never buy another David Weekley home. Lastly, I watched the house across the street go up. The concrete pillars supporting the porch were so crooked it was unbelievable. What did they do? Covered it up with a brick facing. I can not wait to sell and move into a quality home once again.

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  • Ha
    Happy homeowner NOT Sep 18, 2013

    David Weekley should have a class action lawsuit for false advertising of a good home built. We have had almost all of the problems listed here.

    Exxon employees moving to houston, texas area. DON'T but a David Weekley home.

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  • Ch
    ChrisB74 Oct 08, 2013

    We built a David Weekley home on Daniel Island in Charleston, SC. We had numerous problems during construction and continue to have problems after construction. The quality of craftsmanship is poor and the oversight of the work being done may have been even worse, compounding our problems. About halfway into the build, it became obvious to us that we were going to have to begin to document all of our concerns to present to the builder because of a lack of oversight. It would be impossible for me to list all of the issues that came up during construction, but some include:
    - Many, many walls and doors are not square or plumb. We have doors that swing open by themselves, crooked door frames like a haunted house and window frames that slope. In addition, most of our doors are crooked, which they tell us is how it is with taller doors.
    - Our engineered wood floors squeak and crack and pop because the subfloor was not properly prepared, DESPITE the fact that I asked about it 2 or 3 times prior to them laying the floor and even going so far as to mark all of the spots on the subfloor that needed to be leveled or nailed down. These were all ignored and now we have noisey floors everywhere. In addition, the boards were not left to acclimate, so we have had extensive shrinking of the boards requiring us to putty.
    - Positioning the HVAC condensor on the wrong side of the house, which we had to point out
    - Not installing all of the HVAC equipment that we believed we were purchasing (Weekley has since remedied by refunding money)
    - Several windows were broken, which we had to request and it took several months for them to fix
    - Our master bathroom bathtub was not installed/planned properly and it took 6 MONTHS after closing until they finally fixed this and we took our first bath. However, upon using it the first time, we found that it leaked and dripped down to our ceiling downstairs
    - They installed mostly incorrect finishes to start. Our kitchen backsplash featured tile that we did not select. We had to have them rip it all out and replace with the tile we selected. The same happened for many other fixtures and finishes around the house.
    - They scratched a kitchen door when installing and 8 months later, we're still waiting for a replacement door
    - Our fireplace mantle is not square/level, so there is a 1/4" visual difference when looking at the fireplace
    - During construction, they changed our floorplan on us resulting in a big bump out in our master bedroom and one of our guest bedrooms. We lost square footage and were told it was a necessary compromise. We were financially compensated for the lost square footage, but would have preferred to have the rooms that they promised us
    - Tile work is crooked and grout has been falling out over the past few months since closing in all areas where we tiled
    - As for customer service, we would send regular updates with things that we were finding that were wrong. We were repeatedly told everything would be addressed, but in many cases, things were never addressed
    The list could go on. We overpaid for this home, that's for sure. The company seems more concerned with volume than quality and will talk a good game, but did not seem to back up their promises leaving us feel as though we overpaid by 20-40K for this home.

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  • Jr
    Jraptor59 Jul 23, 2014

    We are recent purchasers of a David Weekley home. It is our second home purchase and we are delighted with the quality of this home. It is obvious this company builds their houses to a high standard. The home is solid, quiet, has many architectural points and quality design. Maybe you just had a "lemon"? I would recommend this company to anyone considering the purchase of a high quality home.

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  • Ge
    gerba babies Aug 11, 2014

    Just bought a home with DWH in Nocatee FL. Haven't closed on it or moved in yet. I hope our chinchillas and dogs like the home. It is brand new. We like new homes. We cannot wait to get settled. The roof is black. The floor hasn't been laid yet but it will be tile. There will not be subway tile on the walls. The windows are clear. It is 3 bed/ 2 bath. We will sleep in the master bedroom. Our chinchillas will stay in the guest room. There are trey ceilings. The outside color scheme is scheme 3. We will have a 2 car garage. We will go to the waterpark. Hopefully our dogs will like Happy Tails park. It will be hot outside when we move in but should get colder in the winter. We will watch football games in the living room and order pizza. Can't wait for our David Weekley Home.

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  • We
    Westmoreland Homeowner May 28, 2015

    David weekly crushed the duct work and wrapped it around 2x4s so tightly that air was not able to get through. We had very little heating and air conditioning for 2 years. David weekly inspected and said it was ok. Light fixtures in all bathrooms have fallen off the walls. Hardwoods had to be replaced because not enough glue was used and they would pop off. 7 windows have had to be replaced because of failed seals. I can see daylight through the front door, back door and garage door. Deck railing was improperly installed. And now our foundation is failing.

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  • TechBeenGood Jun 19, 2015

    In our Austin neighborhood there are a number of 2800-4200sqft David Weekley Homes that are seemingly problem free. Generally, the design/layouts in this neighborhood are very practical, spacious, with common-sense features. Visitors have been especially impressed with the open designs and premium quality finish. I reviewed several designs offered in the central Florida area and found them much less useful. I've spent some time checking out Weekley in other areas in case we relocate. The results are interesting and quite variable.

    I suspect that the likelihood of having a favorable building experience is mostly about the quality of the construction superintendent on your specific home. It's our understanding that the female who managed our construction won an industry award a previous year. Managing teams of sub-contractors with a wide range of skills is a crap-shoot. Weekley is a volume builder. Even the better designs can be ruined by unskilled labor not closely monitored. We hired a professional inspector before we closed and had a reasonable number of corrections made. But, th ehost was predominantly solid and problem-free.

    Depending on the area. Weekley's approach to sales involves deciding what price point they need to be at and providing a basic level of fittings, appliances, finishes, and equipment. If the entry-level price for the area is low, you get little, and find yourself buying upgrades for everything. As you can imagine, higher entry level homes may have near-premium appliances, and better finishes. I can't emphasize enough how helpful the local design consultant was i getting the nicest look from well matched tile and paint finishes. We also recognized that some upgrades --- wood floors -- were terribly over-priced and ordinary. We had the cheapest carpet installed, and replaced it with premium flooring for a to-die-for look and significantly less cost than their choices. Oh, and our salesperson was the person recommending this approach.

    Are we happy with our David Weekly? We're not happy that most of the hidden components (AC/WH/Furnace) are brand names but "construction grade" crap. We're especially happy about the construction quality and layout. We feel the price was right, but you need to be involved or hire a pro to monitor their work.

    3 Votes
  • Re
    Reviewer30893 Oct 01, 2015

    They knock on doors make offers on properties and never follow though don't trust there agents they're not ethical and do not care about people, exhibit terrible business practices and have no regard for any thing but profit in community they have no problem lying to families and are about money, they screw people, don't believe them

    -1 Votes
  • Sh
    Shankar17 Dec 21, 2015

    Never build a home wiht David Weekley again. That's all I can say.

    0 Votes
  • Da
    DanielleD32 Dec 28, 2015

    Cool concept of a neighborhood but allowed a shady builder in their community. David Weekley is very unethical and will try to sell you a house with extensive mold damage! I have reports and proof to back this up. Do your homework and don't buy with them!!!

    Plus you pay a lot of money for cheap product. They have terrible customer service and basically waisted 9 months of our time and energy to only be at framing stage. They don't have a clue what they are doing! Trying to tap into a high end market and they cannot execute. They use cheap materials and cut corners. Not to mention flat out lie and deceive their customers so that they don't have to fix mold damage that was caused because of their negligence! On top of that they told us we did not have mold on our lumber. After hiring a MAC licensed with the Department of Health we found that we did in fact have 8 different species of mold on 7 samples. All heavy growth, all still living spores. The sample taken in my 3 year old daughter's bedroom showed penicillin growth. Without knowing if she is allergic to penicillin, they said no remediation needed to be done, that we had no mold!!!

    Do not build with them! They are liars and almost put my family's health at serious risk! I'm so glad we walked away. 4500 Woodbine Ln. in the Landing has roughly 5000 sqft of moldy lumber - don't buy that house! Even if they say it has been fixed - don't trust them! They said we didn't have an issue from the beginning. Not to mention the buyer now has to disclose that remediation on their sellers agreement when they sell it and your homeowners insurance will be tired to it as well. It's a lemon. If interested please feel free to contact me for more details about our experience. I have their report stating there is no problem and nothing needed to be done, I have our report where labs were actually taken with photographs showing something very different!!! I also have recorded phone calls. So very sad a business is willing to put a family's health on the line to save a buck. #davidweekley

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  • Ri
    Riolu Jan 20, 2016

    I think the David Weekly concept is a good one. The problem is with the execution. Our builder used the absolute lowest bidder sub contractors to do the framing, drywall work, concrete, paint, plumbing and electrical. Hence, they turned a good plan into a pile of garbage. I still love our Langwood, even though, after 3 years they still haven't fixed everything. Every builder has the same issues; its all in the subcontracting.

    1 Votes
  • Un
    unhappyindriftwood Mar 22, 2016

    We also purchased a "build on your own lot" home from Davis Weekley...worst mistake ever!!! If your reading this please do not waste your hard earned money on a David Weekley home. The sales staff WILL lie to you, promise you, you can have what you want, and they will "make you happy" etc..DONT FALL FOR IT like we did. As soon as they get you to sign on the dotted line and take your money they will pass you off to "your personal builder" which will not know how to do his job, and basically build you a home with lots of problems. Some of the problems that we have had, that our builder knew BEFORE we ever closed was... Whole house tile done wrong, numerous highs and lows that you trip over, tile done wrong in bathrooms, leaky master shower, etc.. While we were building we noticed numerous items that were done wrong and the builder ignored us. Been in our house now for 2.5 months and they still have not fixed items. If we had to do it all over again we would have never walked into their office!!! I will be sending letters to Mr. David Weekley personally as well as their corporate office and survey company.

    1 Votes
  • Am
    Amy Ford Apr 19, 2016

    I have to agree with all of the complaints here. The DW company cares nothing about quality and is only in it to make a quick buck. They should be fined for all types of building code issues, but someone must be lining their pockets. My house in Rolesville, NC is a nightmare waiting to happen. I have already had to two issues where the plumbing is leaking due to nail holes, the seams are falling apart, the house is not level at all, the pipes make all types of noises. I can go on and on. I hate to try to sell it to some poor fool who thinks it is a good house because my husband and I have works so hard to keep it from totally falling apart. I really hate that I even bought this darn money trap. I also have neighbors who have had electrical fires due to faulty wiring, plumbing issues, and more. I would warn anyone looking to buy a DW home to think twice, no think four times and then walk away. Not worth the hassle in the long run.

    2 Votes
  • Ju
    Julie Kieliszewski May 03, 2016

    What a disaster, one after another. Yes we moved cross country to what we thought would be exactly what we wanted. Within six months almost 20 items were wrong with the house. walls are the worst, cracks i walls, window areas and corners. Walls are not straight, wavey because they are not even. Drywall is not done correctly. Back yard was nothing but a hill that flushed into the back yard. They changed my plans, ripped me off a bedroom, and garage bump of 7 feet. We can't even fit our cars in the garage. They knew they were building for a severely handicapped soldier and said we only did some areas. Bad wooden floors that we paid $9000.00 for. Peeling, and fading in color. All concrete cracked on base of house, garage has spider cracks and porch cement. We got ripped off on the porch, only 10 by 10 feet, I said along the back of the house. They told my lawyer that they saw nothing wrong with the house. No insulation in one room, can't be used often, 10 degrees colder or warmer than the rest of the house. Doors are not even, they don't close from locks not being even. Roof shingles are falling off, and ripples in the roof. House is built very cheap, they cut corners on every item in place. Staircase rails falls right off the wall, not large enough nails. Subcontractors suck, they don't even speak english.

    3 Votes
  • Vm
    Vman3473 Jun 27, 2016

    I can say as a commercial builder David Weekley is the worst. I should have listened to my neighbors and just paid someone else to fix the work. It's been excruciatingly painful working with them. I have a zero lot line home which was not built to drain properly. I have complained since the first time it rained. Had people that work for David Weekley say they will look at it now and never come out. Finally after putting a BBB complaint up I got them to do my 11 month walk through and actually show up. The previous times scheduled were no call no show. I gave them a bare minimum repair list (5 items) three months later we're half way through and the dry wall repairs didn't even hold up till they got done. Today they came out and made about half less of a half assed attempt to fix my drainage by not touching the drains and putting new grass up. So they just put a band aid that will have to be fixed again. In talking to the guy that is in charge he kept saying let me try to make it right. What was the last 18 months??? Anyways since there is no go ahead from David weekly the landscapers left saying they will submit a estimate to them but before they can do the work they need to approve it. What the heck was the last few months of trying to get David Weekley to get the landscapers out to fix the situation? Just another exercise in futility? Don't ever buy a David Weekley home they are overpriced for what they are. They even bragged about making a 50% profit. Do yourself a favor go with a builder such as partners in building or someone that has a long history in building upscale homes. My parents were amazed at how fast and efficient their process was as well as how fast they are to respond and get labor out. Sadly they had the same problem. There's was fixed with one call to the builder and in less then a week. Maybe this company should change their slogan to you'll call us weekly...

    -1 Votes
  • Ca
    carolineB Jul 09, 2016

    Own a Weekley home in Summerville SC and while I have no complaints about the home itself the AC/heating unit is another story completely. Our home was built in 2008. By 2010 we were replacing the coils in one unit and adding a light to control mold. We also needed to add freon the last three years. One week ago, both units froze up and stopped working at the same time?? A little odd, considering we have been considerate and careful home owners, keeping our AC units at 75 when home and 78 when out. We've now spent about 15K between repairs and replacing both units. After only eight years of owning our home, we've soured on David Weekley and would not recommend any home his company builds.

    0 Votes
  • Ko
    kondal Aug 17, 2016


    I signed a contract in last Dec 2015 and after signing contract /buying house for huge amount of money they never delivered house yet .I was so disappointed with the quality and customer service they have .I was deceived by them .Please don't buy houses from them.I read reviews on online but those are not true.

    a.This was my first house and I completed depressed with the quality of house.
    b.They never bothered about customers.

    1 Votes
  • Al
    Aloha People Aug 21, 2016

    Dear Weekly Home Owners,
    I am about to purchase a DW Home in Keller Texas and was browsing through and could not believe the stuff I reading! This will be our FIRST Home that we would like to purchase and we do not live in United States. We are from Asia and we will be relocating to Dallas Texas due to our jobs. We have been to see their Model Homes and we so impressed with the tour and the insides of the making of DW homes. We will be making an offer on Tuesday but after hearing the reviews I am disappointed. So tell me please, should we buy an older home? Should we buy a new home by another builder?
    Our job starts in December and we must be in our home in Dallas in November. Appreciate all the feedback . Thank you!

    -1 Votes

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