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Realtor.com reviews first appeared on Complaints Board on Feb 17, 2010. The latest review A realtor that contacted me from realtor.com was posted on Mar 19, 2021. The latest complaint the biggest scam website ever! was resolved on Jul 30, 2014. Realtor.com has an average consumer rating of 2 stars from 45 reviews. Realtor.com has resolved 6 complaints.

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Realtor.comA realtor that contacted me from realtor.com

I sent a request about a property I was interested in and I am now being harrassed by this realtor. She called at 10 at night, then she signed up for some loan information from home bot. PLEASE, help me with this. I have talked to other realtors in the past from your site and never had problems. I am very worried because of what is signing me up for, I have no idea what else she going to sign me up for. That is not legal, I am not working with her, I just asked a question, this is her information:

Sundin Realty Inc.
State License: WA 8938

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    Jason Grossman of Mitchell Grossman denied my rental application without reason. I exceed income and credit expectations. Was told it was based on information provided. I showed income history and credit score report. Cost him nothing. He has not explained why. Apartment has been on and off market for at least 3 months. Scammer has my credit/identity!

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      Zillow and Redfin price our home between $767, 000-790, 000 or so. Why did your website recently decrease the price of our home? This is VERY CONCERNING as we are getting ready to sell. This drop in price was made recently as we have been closely following the price of our home for the past 6 months. Please respond ASAP. Gregg and Linda Makovic, owners. 714.200.4749 or [protected]@yahoo.com

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        Realtor.comrealtor.com - leads - contract no a-[protected]

        Good morning
        I got this service because I thought I will be getting leads for myself in that specific zip code I selected, however, I was not told that realtor.com send the same lead to other realtors at the same time and I have to compete with them, I did receive 3 leads in the area and when I contacted the people I was told they have been already contacted by other realtors that received the same lead from realtor.com, I did not pay $306.00 to compete with other realtors receiving the same leads I was receiving, why paying then ? what was the benefit of it?, I called and fortunately I was able to cancel the contract because I have and e-mail from the sales person that got me into this authorizing to cancel it if i was not satisfied, but I did not get my money back.

        I am requesting now to have the money I paid returned to me as soon as possible because you did not comply with what I was paying for.

        Your prompt response will be appreciated.

        Thank you.

        Adriana Cifuentes
        e-mail: [protected]@gmail.com
        Phone: [protected]

        See below e-mail received but the sales representative from Realtor.com :

        This the contact information for realtor.com :
        Branden Wright
        Apr 9, 2019, 11:38 AM
        to me

        Adriana, this is a monthly payment that you are making for a service that we are providing, if you chose that this service does not work for you, CALL ME @ [protected], and I will cancel the program for you at ANY time!

        Branden Wright | Digital Sales Consultant
        Move, Inc. | realtor.com® | Top Producer®

        p: +[protected]

        e: branden.[protected]@realtor.com

        Marketing Solutions | Free Tools | Success Stories | Support | Top Producer®

        If you would like to find out more about how successful real estate professionals are using the full range of marketing solutions offered by the realtor.com® team, please contact your Account Executive at [protected] for more information.

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          Realtor.combogus listings on realtor.com in rochester ny

          I am an investor in Rochester NY and am finding that there are several listings which are apparently bogus. Three are currently shown as active although no one is supporting the listings by answering inquiries and two of the listings are for the same property but with different addresses. My realtor has tried to contact the listing agent several times to no avail as have I. The listing agent is shown as Summer Frazier with Owners.com in Brooklyn NY and the addresses and property ID's in question are as follows:
          262 Harding Rd 14612 - [protected]
          27 Orchid Dr 146116 - [protected]
          26 Cross Gates Rd 14606 - [protected]
          In the past I have also seen pictures on line which look promising but when I have gone to inspect the property it looks nothing like the pictures in the listing.
          Please advise what you will do to resolve these issues as it is obviously not being monitored by anyone today.
          John Watson

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            Jan 02, 2019

            Realtor.com — double billed us for same zip code

            case # dispute [protected] with Realtor.com We called in Jan, 2017 to change our lead plan to a cheaper plan. We...

            Realtor.com — fake, bogus, incorrect information on realtor.com

            My home in PA is not even for sale, but they are tracking it with incorrect bogus information. The...

            Realtor.comrealtor leads

            realtor.com is a scam! The real estate leads that I got are crap. People who already have a realtor or people who are trying to rent. I was told that it was $600 total but now they're taking $600 a month out of my account. If for a new realtor this is horrible. I am unable to cancel the contract or terminate and they keep debiting my checking account and putting it in the red. This is crazy !

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              Realtor.commisleading agents and not able to cancel contract

              I'm an agent in NJ. I received a phone call in January 2017 about becoming exclusive agent. I joined at $200 per month only to realize it was a scam. I finally got a hold of them and they reduced my fee to $100 per month. The leads I'm getting, if any go no where. I'm only in 1 zip code and it's a small town. I've tried for 4 months to contact them but couldn't get a sales person to call me back. Finally, spoke to Alex yesterday and told me I'm in a 1 year contract. I never committed to that at all!!! Can't give me a refund..blah blah. Has SCAM written all over his speech. Anyway, my next step is to cancel my credit card but have hesitations. Anyone else have issues?

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                Realtor.com — service

                Let me start by saying to all the realtors that called in and complained about bogus leads and not being able...

                Realtor.com — agent leads

                Realtor.com leads work out somewhat until you are ready to cancel or change zip code choices. They lock you...


                Promised me 4 leads a month, promised me I would be the only one to get leads on my own listings! All a lie and I have the proof several times over. I have also e-mailed my account manager for the last three weeks and ask him to call me. No return calls. Then this past week I e-mailed him and asked for a contact for upper level management. It has been 6 days and again nothing! I have proof of everything I just typed. I had my son and wife go on to realtor.com and request info on one of my listings and I did get the lead, however they also received e-mails & phone calls from other realtors about their listings in the general area of my listing. Realtor.com also sent them other homes to preview in the area!! They are liars!
                I have cancelled my credit card so they can't charge me anymore and I am sure I will have to get my real estate attorney involved before this is all over. This is the 2nd time in the last 10 years that I have tried to do business with them & the last! Run from them if they contact you & if you do any business with them, you had better record the conversation because they will deny they said it!! I have been in the business for over 30 years and these guys are the worst liars of all!


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                  I signed up for 2 zip codes for realtor.com leads under preauthorization status. My husband and I were both in the phone together with Tep Jeff Runkle who stated the 2 zip codes were on a wait list and we could leave a credit card to presuthorize once a slot was available. Furthermore, we were told we would receive 20-40 leads per month with maybe 6 being good leads. A week or two passed and we got charged but no leads came until the next day. We have received 7 leads from 34787 and only 3 leads from 34786. It's been almost a month and I call to cancel because o have not received the 20-40 that I understood were to be sent. The rep Michael on the phone stated that we would only receive 20-40 leads annually and that I was misinformed. I asked to cancel and he said no. Again, I asked to cancel because I was misinformed. He said the best he can do is cancel at 6 months. I told him I wanted the cancel now and he refused. I asked to speak with his manager, Tyler Carr. He said he was not in the office. Yet he can put in a request to have him call me which may take at least 3-4 days (coincidentally when next billing cycle is charged). I am getting the runaround and Poor customer service. All I want is to cancel because of the misrepresentation of product rendered. Horrible!

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                    Realtor.com — monthly lead service

                    I signed up for leads with realtor.com and was told I could cancel anytime and that it was a month to month...

                    Realtor.compaid leads service

                    My name is Efrain, I am a licensed realtor out of NYC. I subscribed February 1st, 2018 with a sales representative by the name of Randy for several zip codes and the promised leads have been dreadful. I have selected some of the most high net-worth zip codes where the cost of homes in these zip codes are in the millions. I have received leads for homes that are short sale and not even on the MLS etc.

                    I sa attempting to take n more buyers in my business as I only have focused on sellers and
                    I instinctively knew it was time to cancel as this was a subscription that under delivered on promises.

                    Apparently I have told I am in a 12 month contract of which I never signed or reviewed. This is after being told by sales rep Randy on the original call, that I can cancel at anytime because "realtor.com understands that life changes".

                    I contacted customer service this past Sunday the 11th, submitting a request to cancel my subscription after just two weeks of being signed up. A rep named Mickey or Micky had reached out to me Monday the 12th when I missed his call. I reached back out same day and left a voicemail for a call back at his desk. Thursday, the 15th arrived so I reached out to customer service to get back to addressing this problem. Micky or Mickey called me back roughly around 4:45pm est all to demeaningly speak over me telling me what he suggests I do with my subscription as I had no option of cancelling as I am apparently in a 12 month contract.

                    Despite this absurd statement, I have asked for proof of the contract that I reviewed and signed stating any agreement to such propostrus conditions, and he said it was sent to me. I have checked and reviewed every single electronic mailbox I have to my name and not 1 contract was sent for me to review. Micky mentioned that realtor.com has the ability to verify if I have opened and read any terms sent to me and since has not provided me such evidence since I made the request for the evidence.

                    I reached out to customer service again, requesting to speak to the highest ranking manager that is in charge of accounts and I have yet received contact from any manager that can address this.

                    I am forced to report realtor.com, not only these bait and switch tactics, not providing proof of a binding contract consented by me, and for lack of professionalism/foul treatment of customers to my state Attornery General and the BBB.

                    I have researched my similar predicament and have viewed on countless web boards similar agents, brokers, and mortgage officers falling victim to the same treatment and misrepresentation of services agreed upon.

                    Please anyone, help me resolve this


                    Efrain Reyes

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                      When I subscribed to Realtor.com I thought I'd get good quality leads. Hasn't turned out that way. Several have been bogus even though verified. I want out. How can they say you are under contract with them if you never signed anything. As Realtors we sign, our clients sign! WTF? I'm not sure but I think they have my SS number. Did anyone else have to supply their Social? If I close my credit card they are debiting and they have my social, I suppose they will file a complaint with a collection agency, so what! I think their actions speak loudly and I doubt that any lenders would pay any attention to that, probably just laugh it off. Has anyone else had any luck other than cancelling your credit card?

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                        Realtor.comlead buying service

                        I bought a 12 month lead package from mike moses at realtor.com for $250 a month. He was very helpful selling however I have not had any success for 5 months now and he said he would be available all along the way and would change plans if nothing came from the leads. I have called mike moses over 8 times and customer service at realtor.com 4 times and have not been helped. Mike said bill his supervisor would be calling me over 10 days ago and 5 voice mails on mike moses's phone have produced nothing. Realtor.com has offered no help and has not lived up to their part of the deal. They called me right away when my credit card had a problem but never when I needed help. I would like some personal help like I was promised or the contract cancelled early due to their negligence.

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                          Realtor.combe careful

                          If you want to risk your money, then it's the right place for you. They will never work with you until you agree to pay them the whole amount of money before they do something: be it selling or purchasing a house. Read the contract carefully along with the smallest words and ask questions if you misunderstood something. Don't let them fool you around and get your money for nothing.

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                            Realtor.comlead program

                            I am a former employee of Realtor.com who is seeking justice for the horrible/illegal business practices. Mediation set for Nov. 2017. I was terminated for not wanting to participate in the lies. If you have been taken advantage of by Realtor.com in anyway, now is the time to help stop the VP of sales. He runs the illegal cash ring there and makes close to $100k a month taking advantage of you. My lawyer would love to talk to anyone of you as we are preparing for mediation.

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                              • Updated by Former#employee · Oct 11, 2017

                                Sent you an email. Check spam. Talk soon!

                              • Fr
                                Frances Frost Sep 21, 2017
                                This comment was posted by
                                a verified customer
                                Verified customer

                                I am just recently dealing with realtor.com and their deceptive practices. I want to be in on this! Please reach out to me at [email protected]

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                              • Ma
                                Marriah66 Oct 10, 2017

                                @Frances Frost Me too! I'm having my own battle right now. Please let me know if I can be a part of this. [email protected]

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                              • Ho
                                Homes By Berlin Aug 18, 2017

                                How do I get in touch with you or your lawyer?

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                              • Former#employee Aug 18, 2017
                                This comment was posted by
                                a verified customer
                                Verified customer

                                @Homes By Berlin Just let me know the times (in 30 min. intervals) you can be available for a phone call and I'll check to see which of those times works for her. Her firm is out of Beverly Hills. Thanks.

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                              Realtor.com — misleading information regarding their service

                              I signed up with realtor.com on March 18th 2017 to get leads. when I called Anthony (my sales rep) I...

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