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Zillow and Redfin price our home between $767, 000-790, 000 or so. Why did your website recently decrease the price of our home? This is VERY CONCERNING as we are getting ready to sell. This drop in price was made recently as we have been closely following the price of our home for the past 6 months. Please respond ASAP. Gregg and Linda Makovic, owners. 714.200.4749 or [protected] - leads - contract no a-[protected]

Good morning
I got this service because I thought I will be getting leads for myself in that specific zip code I selected, however, I was not told that send the same lead to other realtors at the same time and I have to compete with them, I did receive 3 leads in the area and when I contacted the people I was told they have been already contacted by other realtors that received the same lead from, I did not pay $306.00 to compete with other realtors receiving the same leads I was receiving, why paying then ? what was the benefit of it?, I called and fortunately I was able to cancel the contract because I have and e-mail from the sales person that got me into this authorizing to cancel it if i was not satisfied, but I did not get my money back.

I am requesting now to have the money I paid returned to me as soon as possible because you did not comply with what I was paying for.

Your prompt response will be appreciated.

Thank you.

Adriana Cifuentes
e-mail: [protected]
Phone: [protected]

See below e-mail received but the sales representative from :

This the contact information for :
Branden Wright
Apr 9, 2019, 11:38 AM
to me

Adriana, this is a monthly payment that you are making for a service that we are providing, if you chose that this service does not work for you, CALL ME @ [protected], and I will cancel the program for you at ANY time!

Branden Wright | Digital Sales Consultant
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p: +[protected]

e: branden.[protected]

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bogus listings on in rochester ny

I am an investor in Rochester NY and am finding that there are several listings which are apparently bogus. Three are currently shown as active although no one is supporting the listings by answering inquiries and two of the listings are for the same property but with different addresses. My realtor has tried to contact the listing agent several times to no avail as have I. The listing agent is shown as Summer Frazier with in Brooklyn NY and the addresses and property ID's in question are as follows:
262 Harding Rd 14612 - [protected]
27 Orchid Dr 146116 - [protected]
26 Cross Gates Rd 14606 - [protected]
In the past I have also seen pictures on line which look promising but when I have gone to inspect the property it looks nothing like the pictures in the listing.
Please advise what you will do to resolve these issues as it is obviously not being monitored by anyone today.
John Watson

double billed us for same zip code

case # dispute [protected] with We called in Jan, 2017 to change our lead plan to a cheaper plan. We were paying $235/m for leads and we asked them to offer a cheap plan...

fake, bogus, incorrect information on

My home in PA is not even for sale, but they are tracking it with incorrect bogus information. The description is wrong and they show the value as being significantly down from 2 yrs ago despite of other homes being up in the neighborhood. I never contracted with them, did not give them permission to publish any information about my home, and to top it they are showing fake, untrue so called facts that are not what they say. This must be some sort of scamming operation, degrade the value of your home for some extortion payment. I am waiting for their call, but will not pay them anything. I want them out of my home, out of my life. I have not found a way to opt out of their false advertising. Is there a gov agency that regulates this type of operation ? Scammers know it's expensive to sue them, that is why they keep doing it.

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    Common sense Dec 28, 2018

    The information they have on your home is from Public Records. They estimate the value based on recent sales of comparable homes. They don't need your permission.

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    t#t#s Dec 28, 2018

    @Common sense But if they have the description wrong, number of rooms, etc, is there nothing you can do?

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realtor leads is a scam! The real estate leads that I got are crap. People who already have a realtor or people who are trying to rent. I was told that it was $600 total but now...

misleading agents and not able to cancel contract

I'm an agent in NJ. I received a phone call in January 2017 about becoming exclusive agent. I joined at $200 per month only to realize it was a scam. I finally got a hold of them and they reduced my fee to $100 per month. The leads I'm getting, if any go no where. I'm only in 1 zip code and it's a small town. I've tried for 4 months to contact them but couldn't get a sales person to call me back. Finally, spoke to Alex yesterday and told me I'm in a 1 year contract. I never committed to that at all!!! Can't give me a refund..blah blah. Has SCAM written all over his speech. Anyway, my next step is to cancel my credit card but have hesitations. Anyone else have issues?


Let me start by saying to all the realtors that called in and complained about bogus leads and not being able to cancel, I understand your frustrations. Im no longer employed with...

agent leads leads work out somewhat until you are ready to cancel or change zip code choices. They lock you into an annual contract for unverified leads. The sales people seem...


217252 4/1/18 Promised me 4 leads a month, promised me I would be the only one to get leads on my own listings! All a lie and I have the proof several times over. I have also e-mailed my...


I signed up for 2 zip codes for leads under preauthorization status. My husband and I were both in the phone together with Tep Jeff Runkle who stated the 2 zip codes were on a wait list and we could leave a credit card to presuthorize once a slot was available. Furthermore, we were told we would receive 20-40 leads per month with maybe 6 being good leads. A week or two passed and we got charged but no leads came until the next day. We have received 7 leads from 34787 and only 3 leads from 34786. It's been almost a month and I call to cancel because o have not received the 20-40 that I understood were to be sent. The rep Michael on the phone stated that we would only receive 20-40 leads annually and that I was misinformed. I asked to cancel and he said no. Again, I asked to cancel because I was misinformed. He said the best he can do is cancel at 6 months. I told him I wanted the cancel now and he refused. I asked to speak with his manager, Tyler Carr. He said he was not in the office. Yet he can put in a request to have him call me which may take at least 3-4 days (coincidentally when next billing cycle is charged). I am getting the runaround and Poor customer service. All I want is to cancel because of the misrepresentation of product rendered. Horrible!

monthly lead service

I signed up for leads with and was told I could cancel anytime and that it was a month to month service. When I went to call and cancel because the leads are absolute...

paid leads service

My name is Efrain, I am a licensed realtor out of NYC. I subscribed February 1st, 2018 with a sales representative by the name of Randy for several zip codes and the promised...


When I subscribed to I thought I'd get good quality leads. Hasn't turned out that way. Several have been bogus even though verified. I want out. How can they say you are under contract with them if you never signed anything. As Realtors we sign, our clients sign! WTF? I'm not sure but I think they have my SS number. Did anyone else have to supply their Social? If I close my credit card they are debiting and they have my social, I suppose they will file a complaint with a collection agency, so what! I think their actions speak loudly and I doubt that any lenders would pay any attention to that, probably just laugh it off. Has anyone else had any luck other than cancelling your credit card?

lead buying service

I bought a 12 month lead package from mike moses at for $250 a month. He was very helpful selling however I have not had any success for 5 months now and he said he would be available all along the way and would change plans if nothing came from the leads. I have called mike moses over 8 times and customer service at 4 times and have not been helped. Mike said bill his supervisor would be calling me over 10 days ago and 5 voice mails on mike moses's phone have produced nothing. has offered no help and has not lived up to their part of the deal. They called me right away when my credit card had a problem but never when I needed help. I would like some personal help like I was promised or the contract cancelled early due to their negligence.

be careful

If you want to risk your money, then it's the right place for you. They will never work with you until you agree to pay them the whole amount of money before they do something: be it selling or purchasing a house. Read the contract carefully along with the smallest words and ask questions if you misunderstood something. Don't let them fool you around and get your money for nothing.

lead program

I am a former employee of who is seeking justice for the horrible/illegal business practices. Mediation set for Nov. 2017. I was terminated for not wanting to participate in the lies. If you have been taken advantage of by in anyway, now is the time to help stop the VP of sales. He runs the illegal cash ring there and makes close to $100k a month taking advantage of you. My lawyer would love to talk to anyone of you as we are preparing for mediation.

  • Updated by Former#employee · Oct 11, 2017

    Sent you an email. Check spam. Talk soon!

  • Ho
    Homes By Berlin Aug 18, 2017

    How do I get in touch with you or your lawyer?

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  • Former#employee Aug 18, 2017

    @Homes By Berlin Just let me know the times (in 30 min. intervals) you can be available for a phone call and I'll check to see which of those times works for her. Her firm is out of Beverly Hills. Thanks.

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  • Fr
    Frances Frost Sep 21, 2017

    I am just recently dealing with and their deceptive practices. I want to be in on this! Please reach out to me at [email protected]

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  • Ma
    Marriah66 Oct 10, 2017

    @Frances Frost Me too! I'm having my own battle right now. Please let me know if I can be a part of this. [email protected]

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misleading information regarding their service

I signed up with on March 18th 2017 to get leads. when I called Anthony (my sales rep) I specifically asked about their contracts, how long do I have to be in contract...

lead generation

I will never sign up for a lead generation program with ever again. The customer service is terrible, they tell you that you will recieve X amount of leads and you end...

discrimination on disabled man.

I have contact three realtor>com and all have refused my buying or never called back. 1 of them a realtor refused to even return two calls but a text. She finally returned the...

unauthorized credit card charges

I am writing another complaint on On May 23, 2016 I contacted to obtain leads for my real estate business. I was told by Greg Libby that I had 3 days to...

lead generation

I am writing this review because I don't want any other agent to loose money with this company. I decided to work with back on May 23, 2016. charged my...

new update

Their latest update is a complete nightmare! was great in the past but after they updated their app it gave me nothing but headache. It is the slowest site you can...

lead generation cancellation

Order Number : [protected] I am a new agent contacted by sales rep Chris Valiando. He told me I could cancel at anytime when I had reservations about cost and quality. 3 wks in and...

lead generation is the absolute worst company i've ever done business with. After being solicited many times by one of their sales reps, I gave them a shot. I signed up with them mainly because the sales man said that I can cancel at any time and that they weren't any commitments. I figured why not buy a lot of zips and figure out if this system worked for me. After paying $700 plus a month for a total of 4 months, I noticed what a scam this place really was. They sent me worthless leads. sent me customers inquiring about deeply discounted properties. They sent me leads of people asking about a property priced at 80k when in reality the lowest price home on the market in that zip was 300k plus. This happened non stop for 4 months and I began to become fed up. I wrote 25 plus emails to requesting my services being terminated with not one response. I called in multiple times and was given brick walls from sales reps teling me "I need to take this matter up with a manager and that they're response time for getting back to me would be 24-48 hours". After requesting to speak to a manager multiple times and waiting weeks to hear back from someone, I demanded to speak to a manager immediately and would not hang up with until they made that happen. On a side note, I know someone who used to work at and he informed me that in an effort to retain their business, when put in a corner like that, sales reps just hands the phone to another sales rep and poses to be a manager. I witnessed first hand proof of this. The moment I demanded to speak to a manager, the sales rep just handed my call off to another sales rep. This is how I proved it. I jotted the name and phone number down of the person claiming to be a manager, I then had one of my realtor friends call her asking about starting a lead generation contract with the company, they talked for a bit and after a while my realtor friend asked if she was a manager or a sales rep... Her answer was "i'm not a manager sir, i'm a sales rep but I can help you get started with the service and you will be able to cancel within the first 3 days with no commitments". After documenting all of this, I tried demanding to cancel my services with them. After being thrown another brick wall, I threatened to cancel my credit cards and then they threatened to send me to collections. After numerous attempts trying to cancel my services with them, I produced all my proof to the national board of realtors liaison with and he took care of canceling my account and I got a "sincere" apology from someone at claiming to be a manager. Stay away

lead generation services

Please do not waste your money on leads - they are absolutely worthless!!! The sales person at told me I would have a certain number of impression...

rude customer representative

I was contacted today by a customer service representative because I am closing my account with them. The rep did not want to hear the reason why I do not want their services. He just wanted to sign me up for more of the same. I tried to give him some feedback but he interrupted me and stated he had "150 more phone calls to make". So I said, not a problem.

Any Realtor that subscribes to their services needs to be aware this is a subscription and once you are "subscribed" you CANNOT cancel it. The subscription is for ONE YEAR. Also, I was CONSTANTLY "spammed" via cell phone trying to sign me up for more services.

It's very unfortunate the Realtor's Association is affiliated with !


I'm not even a realtor. However, my girlfriend is and she was contacted by a salesperson from Like everyone else has mentioned, the claim of you can cancel i...

new site is terrible! used to be a great place, but then they updated their website! Their new design of the website is absolutely terrible! In the past it was very easy to search...

lead distribution

I called to cancel the co broker L.A. lead distribution, and was told my reason was not good enough and to go back and read my contract. Here was my reason, I complained why I am only receiving leads coming from Central L.A., and which the customer service rep explain at the time of the search that lead came from the only area in L.A. that was searing online. I would have to drive out back and fourth over 50 miles plus the additional miles to then show houses. Almost all my leads over 75% of them are from the same area. I was convinced when I signed up that Los Angeles is a broad range of zip codes and I would be getting leads form all over and to be ready because I was going to be very busy. I have not received not one lead other than what I have been received since I signed up. I spend over $600 a month for leads that I can not set out to service and or feel it is not worth my gas, time and pursue and exhaust my effort for. The resolution- I would like to see a variety of zip codes and price ranges. I feel as if is steering my direction for lead distribution. How can I get out of this mess.


I was told when I signed up for leads in certain zip codes I would receive tons of leads per month. The leads I've gotten are people who are mostly working with other realtors! I...

this site is ridiculous!

The new changes are absolutely horrible! After a full week none of the bugs have been fixed, and site still does not work! The man function is completely broken, every time you...

lead generation system from is crap!

I too had a way too smooth sales person and in 2 months at @ 221.00 a month, have received 5 leads TOTAL. 1 was someone that would not return a call, email or text. The next 2...

buyer leads

I was told by Peter Kapp. I would receive 20 buyer leads per month. After the first month, I only received 3 leads. I contacted customer service and requested that they cancel my...

cobroke is a joke

I signed up for's CoBroke program - unfortunately, before I found the other complaints on here that would've warned me away from it. I ended up with a share and a partial share of two zip codes, and she told me I'd get 60-72 leads per year. Well, in two months, I've gotten four leads - one of which I missed because I was racing with the other agent who shared the lead and they got to the customer first, and three others that were for low end homes, and either had bad phone numbers and emails, or weren't serious buyers. Their lead service is worse than others I've used, and for what I'm getting, the most expensive, too. I do feel they misrepresent the service by overpromising. I do not wish to be stuck for ten more months in this agreement, and wish to close my account without further charges or penalties.

trying to cancel service with them and their showcase listing solution is worthless. They are charging me $80+ per month and say I have to stay under contract with them for a year. I never signed...

the biggest scam website ever!

I contacted for "leads", which is what they really sell. If you're ever stupid enough to post your real information on that website, you will receive tons of...

Itosca Properties www. — rip off

Christina Nguyen from Itosca Properties is a RIP OFF. Beware of HER! READ the fine PRINT! Direct : [protected] Cell : [protected] Fax : [protected]

misrepresentation of products sales persons promote their products to real estate agents and brokers via phone solicitations inaccurately. If you agree to a program offered (usually at a significant discount) they ask for your credit card information. Once you provide them credit card information, the problems begin. They send you a plethora of email and in one of them you will find a cancellation policy that is different then represented on the phone. I found this out when charge my credit card for a second year of a program I was told could be cancelled any time after 10 months when actually it had to be cancelled prior to the 10 month timeframe. "accidentally' charged my credit card double the amount for this supposed contractly obligation of a second year that was no, according to non-cancellable. Next you will spent hours on the phone and on email chancing down someone at to discuss the program dispute with. Ultimately one comes to understand that they have your credit card number and don't really care what was represented on the phone. They claim as long as they document in the cancellation policy in an email, even after the fact, you are contractly obligated. Well I disagree and so did my credit card company. I was able to get the charges reversed and blocked from charging on both my business card. Beware and do not believe the slick salesman con job. Ryan Gleason was my sales person whos company notes represented something completely different then we discussed and Mark Wasserman was the 'Broker Consultant' who claims to oversees the sales folks and states they have little to no problems with this kind of automatic renewal and cancellation issues. That is until you look at blogs and see that Mark apparently has a problem with reality as well. Do not do business with, you will get a poor service, little to no clients or legitimate leads, probably be over charged. What legitimate marketing companys claim to only sell 2 year agreements. Please... Also share this with your real estate associates..

bait and switch pricing

I called to get a quote on their enhanced listing service. I called back twice, MOnday and Tuesday AM and spoke once to Nick and once to another salesperson and was given same quote. This is quote they base from looking at your MLS log in so it is accurate to you. I called my listing customer and committed to the service based on the price quote. I called back Tues afternoon and Nick took my credit card information and said it would be live in 15 minutes, using my MLS log in he once again confirmed the pricing... that would be three times in 2 days of getting a price commitment. Nick called back and said sorry, it will be almost double the price because I have had more listings than he thought and so need to be in another price bracket. This was information available to him and the other salesperson everytime they looked up my MLS and gave me a quote. this is such a scam for them to just push a button and turn on more pictures but they have us realtors caught. I was promised a call within 24 hours when asked if manager would call... still no call back. This is a company that does not take their commitments seriously. I recommend you be cautious in your dealings as they do not live up to what they say in honoring pricing or returning calls.

  • Cl
    Clearwater Realtor Apr 09, 2012

    My gosh, the EXACT same thing happened to me! Realtors need to band together and black list this company. They are crooks!

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