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Complaints & Reviews

Withdrawal fail

So I returned an item I wasn't satisfied with. I got money in my daraz wallet and I requested for withdrawal through bank account. Every information entered was clear and correct. The process went into pending for 2-3 days and ultimately failed without apparent reason. I spoke to multiple daraz agents and all they did was provide me with daraz links that lead me nowhere. I requested withdrawal 6 times and it failed. I wasn't given any satisfactory resolution to this matter and Im left clueless.

Withdrawal fail
Withdrawal fail

Big company with no customer care

Well daraz disclosed by personal details to seller by which seller did fraud with me by fooling me and bypassing claim days but even than i complained daraz with all proofs and asked them to let me explain my problem with someone having authority as i dont occur with any pakistani in future but they never responded me even sent them all proofas well but they dont care about others loss after that i gave those sellers review of fraud with pics but daraz even deleted my reviews

Big company with no customer care

logistics partner leopards

Old Order #[protected] delivery due 26 Jan Rs 5, 798
--Order cancelled by Daraz for reasons unknown ??

New Order placed #[protected] delivery due 13 Feb Rs 5, 999
--Price increased for me for by Rs 200 for no fault of my own
--Delivery again past due date

Waiting for delivery of item since 17 Jan 2020

Syed Feisal Ali

best wbm laundry detergent for baby | buy from daraz

Hello Team, I wanted to try this wbm laundry detergent because it is formulated to be gentle but still...

shake shake win voucher of 10000 rs daraz cancelled order without any reason and not issuing voucher again

Sir ma na daraz pa 31 December ko shake shake sa 10000 ka voucher jeeta thaa ma na order kiaa order confirm ho gayaa sms aagayaa email aagai order confirm honay ki baaaad ma aaj subhaa 12 bajay order cancelled ker dia meraa order num ya haa [protected] Sir meraa order cancelled kyun kia haa ya kia froud ha cheating haa ma na shake shake ma 10000rs ka  voucher win kia thaa ma na order kia order confirm hwaa massagi aaia email aai order confirm honay kii or order cancelled kernay ka baad mujhay voucher bhee wapis nahi diaa haa ma na chat ma complain ki wo pahalay kahtay hain k order out of stock ki wajhaa sa cancelled hwaa haa then baad ma aus na kahaa system ki ghalti ki waghaa sa cancelled hwa haa kia ya mazak haa froud haa cheating haa 

Mujhay aaj hii jawab dou or proper reaon bataoo ka order cancelled kyun hwaa haa or mujhay new voucher issue keroo 10000rs jaa wernaa maa court maa daraz ka khilaaf case keroon gaa i have all proof ka daraz cheating ker rahai haa mr court ma case keroon gaa or 10000 bhee loon gaa and case fee bhee loon gaa and compensation bhee jo app logoo na mujhay tortured kia haa aus kii and inter net facebook / youtube pa bhee sub daloon gaa and prime minister compkain portal pa bhee sub daloon gaa ma ya froud and cheating berdasht nahi keroon gaa check blow email and attached screenshot and reply ma asap meraa voucher 3rd ko expire honaa thaa ais lia mujhay fooran jawab dou



shake shake win voucher of 10000 rs daraz cancelled order without any reason and not issuing voucher again
shake shake win voucher of 10000 rs daraz cancelled order without any reason and not issuing voucher again
shake shake win voucher of 10000 rs daraz cancelled order without any reason and not issuing voucher again
shake shake win voucher of 10000 rs daraz cancelled order without any reason and not issuing voucher again

bought oil dispenser

Hi! Few weeks ago I bought this oil dispenser bottle and paid full amount of total 1500 and from daraz app...

emi plan (18% markup and processing fee) charged by bank alfalah

Sir, I have done two orders from Daraz whose detail as follows by Selecting 6 months EMI plan using bank...

minecraft for windows 10 microsoft key

I ordered minecraft for windows 10 microsoft key from astro world . I received my order after 5 days. I paid exactly rs.1070. As mentioned on parcel. But now whenever i tried to redeem the key i got it says with an error, The code has already been redeemed, meaning the key they have sent me has already been used . In other words the key is useless because i cannot activate and download the game. I have contacted [protected] but he is not responding. Kindly take action against him. He wasted my money . Either he give me my money or give me real genuine key not the fake one he had already sent..

rejected my return because of invalid reason

Hello, 1st of all thank you for providing a platform where I can submit a complaint and I hope that someone...

samsung a70s

hi iram here i had order samsungA70 when 11/11 sale was launch from bank alfalah credit card well it was mentiond zero markup zero p. f bht when i finally received my order i can see i have charged markup which is 18.57% although m regular customer of daraz but after this product i m really dissoppoint and now well never order anything from daraz to much pethatic service the discount which i was happy to avail in returns i hv to pay in installement which is completely unfair

[Resolved] muscletech nitro tech

im very disappointed recently i buy protein powder famous brand muslcetech nitro tech product whose seller was one Nauman traders and second one Esmile shop they both selling fake products because i used that then after research and see spoon size im shocked its so different in this product which i boight its so small spoon like baby milk powder scoop size whence original one one big spoon thats the main differnece which i realize that i bought fake product and mainly bar code not match so bottom line is take action this fake seller because people daraz not this seller its ur reputation matter

  • Resolution Statement

    simply u should banned those seller who sell fake product because healh matter nad main things is taht ur reputation thats it.

markup charges

I have recordings of the Resolution Specialists calling me back and telling me i have to pay 6000 to 7000 extra on the installment plan without intimation..
I have recordings for both Parties Daraz and Silk Bank saying the same that it wasn't on their website so daraz is calling the customers themselves personally..
This is fraud and needs to be condemned.. The license should be suspended for Fake advertisements..
No such intimiation was made aware to customers while placing the order for 11.11.
This is a scam!
Contact me for Recordings..

products replaced by unrequired ones

what if my required things are not being devlivered and being replaced by some one else product...even daraz people committ misinformation also that right product has been delivered...if you see my order history i had required TRD S Anti Skid Pad but instead of that i was delivered Mobile Car Holder Navigation - Black... i have lots of products ordered so i cannot check every product that is being given so the daraz people committ dishonesty of delivering wrong product and later on we discover that my required product was not delivered ... the strange thing is that you are showing on your website that TRD Anti Skid Pad has been delivered when it has not been ...even there are no promotions for old customers like me who have shopped for several thousands in just few days

nokia 7.2

I have ordered nokia 7.2 from daraz on 11-11-2019. Placed 2 orders of same phone with same seller. One i...

customer service representative

She was ill mannered, rude and did not know how to talk..
She kept me on hold for 15 to 20 minutes to no reply.. Then she hung up on me at the end..
Not everyone has a good day to start of with, and she should know this if she is in the customer service industry..
You can see her name in the attached screenshot. I hope there are any others like her..

2 piece unstitched ladies winter_limelight_collection saw112 rs. 1,899 quantity: 1 seller: sanaayyan

On 11-11 grand sale, I gave order of two winter dresses from SanaAyyan of Rs 1899 and 2099 respectively and...

cheating people on delivery charges

I have already payed shipping fee of 198 and now I'm being asked to pay 388 more
Why is that for products thats worth 1200 why do i have to pay shipping twice? And equaling to half of the price of the actual shipment?
Ali express doesn't even charge that much
These are products from local stores in pakistan surely it cant cost that much and even if it does why not mention the whole shipping price before hand?
Why cheat?
Im going to resort to social media if this isn't resolved.
Horrible way to treat customers.

cheating people on delivery charges
cheating people on delivery charges

excel paris lipgloss

i ordered a pack of 6 excel paris lipglosses and i particularly ordered these 6 lipglosses to get the one pinkish peachish shade which was shown in the picture but when i received the order it having completely different shades as compared to the ones in the picture. also i would like to memtion here that all these shades are of no use to me since they are very loud and bold shades . this was the first time i ordered anything from daraz and this is how you people disappointed me ! i would really appriciate IF you could please replace the products with the onea actually shown in the picture

excel paris lipgloss
excel paris lipgloss

15 month old bike given by daraz.

I booked Honda 70CC from Karachi in Month of 22 Oct 2019, Bike policy of Daraz is self pick up, we went to...


I ordered dark brown wig. In stead, daraz sent me brown wig which is a deception. I wanna return it. My order...