Dan Murphy'sservice

G Aug 04, 2019

My partner and I are being harrassed by 2 female staff from the Munno Para store. They do not wear name tags and as such I can only advise that one has short blonde cropped hair and the other has long brown hair and wears eyelash extensions. On numerous occasions they have closed their register to my partner, demanded that he remove his sunglasses and hat even though customers prior to him or after him are not asked, and they have refused service to me after accusing my partner of being drunk, which he was not - we had returned home from a long drive where he had fallen asleep to be woken up suddenly to go into Dans. I am having this matter investigated by Consumer Affairs. Today he was asked again to remove his sunglasses and was called "weird" when he left her register. I cannot believe the disrespect of staff these days, they are not being held accountable for their actions. We have been nothing but pleasant and respectful going into the store. Obviously these girls have their own personal issues that they are taking out on your customers. Believe me when I say that we will be advising everyone via Facebook and Twitter of this harassment.

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