Dairy Queenice cream, customer service

S Aug 04, 2018

I went through drive thru ordered 30 dollars worth of ice cream asked for extra strawberries on my sundae cause last time they were so cheap and gave me literally nothing and 1 strawberry. This go around they gave me extra sauce x3 which was quite ignorenant the sauce was all over the outside of the container and when I opened the lid it spilled every where as it was all ready melted (I live two minutes away ) so it shouldn't of been melted as where the blizzard the two peanut butter parfaits a dipped cone and a orange Julius which tasted like water I had called to complain and the shift manager female no name given was rude and snoty I didn't not appreciate her ignorance one bit when I pulled up to the window after sitting for quite sometime all the ice cream was already sitting there so hence why everything was melted they should not make ice cream until the people actually pull up to the window as everyone waits a long time anyways for their food when I was explaining she was short and saying that I quote honey the ice cream doesn't stay frozen forever and in my reply I said no duh I'm not that stupid and like I said all the ice cream was made already before we even pulled up to the window this female shift manager no name was very rude and snooty so I believe you should not have a person like that working in customer service and believe me when I say I should know I myself was once in the customer service business and I would never dare talk to a customer the way she did so I really hope that this gets dealt with as soon as possibly and in proper manner or I will be taking this further then here thank you for you cooperation

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