Dairy Queenblizzards/ customer service

H Sep 04, 2018

Dairy Queen on 2734 W Camelback rd, Phoenix, AZ is the most disgusting Dairy Queen I have ever been to!! We ordered three small blizzards and one of them had a nasty long hair in it that we pulled out. We then nicely asked for a refund and the little girls in there with ugly attitudes refused to make us a new one because "there was no hair in it". Never ever have I been refused for a refund at any business in my whole entire life. Once we asked to speak to the owner that was supposedly there, we got a "she doesn't handle customers response" and "she's going to tell you the same thing". We then asked to speak to this so called owner that would be working there @11 pm at night and never saw them. I am very disappointed and disgusted in this business coming from a previous DQ employee. We then went to the one on Northern and they too made a mistake and they dod NOT hesitate to remake ours. They apologized nicely and did not mind remaking it like a GOOD RAN BUSINESS!! Take notes please cause this Dairy Queen needs a lot of work. We're just upset that a refund wasn't placed. I spent $15 for literally no ice cream and a bad experience that'll scar me for life...

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