CVSracial violence and harm

H Jul 16, 2019

The actions of Debbie, Tanya, and samara (PARTICULARLY Tanya) are absolutely unacceptable, racially motivated, and violent. Calling the police on a black woman for having the audacity to express her displeasure with how she was treated and the prejudicial remarks made to her in the drive through is absolutely unethical and if these employees, particularly Tanya (who called the police with no legal justification whatsoever and put a black woman's life at risk, are not reprimanded, I will no longer be supporting CVS as a pharmacy and will move my prescriptions elsewhere, and I will urge everyone I know to do the same. Doing nothing about this flagrant violation of ethics and demonstration of racism would illustrate that CVS condones racial violence perpetrated against black women in particular. Do better.

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