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I don't know where to begin. My entire store is having problems with our manager. She's young: 28 and she tends to condescend to all of us. She overworks our assistant manager while she takes 3-4 days off almost every week. He's lucky if he gets 1 day off. She overworks me by making me do all of her paperwork. When I come back to work after being gone on vacation, or helping another store, I'll find weeks and weeks worth of paperwork that she should have done. Why does this have to fall on me?

She shows favoritism towards other employees. She hired one girl to be a Photo Lab Supervisor (even though she came from the pharmacy department, doesn't have much knowledge of photo, and has only been with our store for a month) while one of the girls who has worked in photo for 3 years wasn't considered for the opportunity. An opportunity that is FULL-TIME, and yet the new girl is working this job part-time. If this was allowed the girl that has been there for 3 years could do it. Our manager is practically best friends with the girl she hired as photo lab supervisor. And the other day, a pharmacy tech. overheard our manager and the photo lab supervisor talking ### about all of us.

More favoritism...we had a contest. Whoever had the most customer compliments called in to corporate would be given a $50 giftcard. I was tied with a cashier. When I inquired about the gift card he received and I didn't I was told my comment didn't count because it was told to my manager and not called in. I told her the customer told me she would rather tell my manager personally, especially because she didn't want to give out her information on the phone. My manager said it didn't matter and it didn't count. Later, the customer asked me if I won the contest. I told her what happened and she said that was ridiculous and that I needed to work for someone who actually appreciated me.

A few days later, my manager asked my assistant manager if I was upset about the contest. He said I was and she said, "Well that's too bad. I don't care about how my employees feel."

A day or two after that I spoke to her about my "Phase one" training. I told her I was told I had to complete this on my own time and that it wasn't paid for. My assistant manager told me it was. She said it was not. When I inquired about why she was letting one of the supervisors do it at work she said, "Well I don't have anything else for her to do." I said, "But she's doing it on company time instead of her own time. She's being paid for it. How is that fair?" She had no comment.

Later in the week she snapped at me when I came to clock in. "Nicole, what did I tell you about clocking in before you're ready to work?!" That's right. I can't even put my purse away or go to the bathroom right after I clock in. So I said, fine. I'll go back to the bathroom first. She asked me why I was giving her attitude and I told her I was not. Later she cornered me in the office and asked me what my problem was. I told her I had already discussed my problems with her. Once again she asked me to name them. I told her everything you have read in this post so far. She repeated the same old things she had said before. She said, "I want you to come to me with your problems. I care about how you feel." I wanted to say, "Really? Because that's not what you told our assistant manager the other day", but I bit my tongue. I didn't want to drag him into it. I left the office after telling her she had nothing new to say to me so there was no point in talking about it.

We've had two people quit this week because of her. We have 2 people out for medical reasons. I was the only one left to cover the morning shift, but I"m off that day. She asked me tonight if I would cover it. I told her I couldn't because I had obligations. She said that I better be doing homework tomorrow then. I said, what I do with my personal time off is just that...personal. But I told her I would not be doing homework. She said, "Then you should be working. That's what I give you the weekend off for!" (I only ask for one day out of the weekend off and that's what I normally get). I told her that what I did with my personal time was none of her concern. "I'm not taking classes right now because I'm waiting on my FASFA to go through." She said in that case, I should have told her so she could put me on working weekends. I told her that wouldn't make sense because she does the schedule 3 weeks in advance and I just found out that I had to renew my FASFA. She then called me a liar! "You should know when your semester is over." I told her that I do Axia College of University of Phoenix online (per CVS) and that I don't do semesters. I do the whole year without a break (except for Christmas) and I do 2 class for every 9 weeks. "No you're lying. And you have no right to be a supervisor if you can't be flexible!" That statement pushed me over the edge. I am flexible. I only ask for one day out of the weekend off, and it's her pick! That's it. That's all I ask! And she has the nerve to tell me I have no right to be a supervisor when I've spent 5 years working my butt off to get where I am today? Who does she think she is? How can a manager speak to an employee that way?

I've tried to call the CVS Ethics line for 2 hours (They're supposed to be 24 hours), but I haven't gotten through. I"m so outraged!


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    Stevan Thornton Sep 14, 2008

    over charged on a refill of medication

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    stealth Oct 01, 2008

    Whos fault is that? Know how your insurance works!!!

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    laughitoff Aug 20, 2009

    CVS does not pick the price. They send it through the insurance and the insurance tells CVS what to charge you.

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    christopherp Jul 31, 2010

    Skip the Ethics line, Call your DM directly. I have worked for CVS for 2 years as a Shift, I have known Managers to be fired for less than this.

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    tnydncr89 Aug 02, 2010

    Yeah, but she has the DM & RM in her back pocket. She became a manager after being a assistant in 3 months. Whenever someone calls the DM, RM or the ethics line nothing happens. At this point I give up.

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    sheba120 Feb 17, 2011

    I would go to HR. .DM 's & RM favor their own districts and region go to HR

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    quinonez1717 Aug 11, 2011

    what can we do if are manager don't give us hours !!! and is transferring other people from other stores and they get the hours what can we do ????

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    tnydncr89 Aug 11, 2011


    You can try to get a transfer, or call around and let other stores know you are available if they need someone to work. They will pay you gas mileage too! You wouldn't happen to be from the Tampa Bay area would you? The stores out of district 4 always need help!

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    TeufelishEin Apr 20, 2012

    My manager told me that I was to complete that 'homework' on my own time, and that I shouldn't be paid for it... Is this saying we should have done that on company time, and that I should have received pay?

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    tnydncr89 Apr 24, 2012

    Hi, TeufelishEin,

    I contacted my Loss Prevention lady after this incident. She said that all phase one and phase two training (whether online or in the book) is PAID FOR. My manager lied to me and the LP lady had to go to someone higher up to ensure I was paid for it. My manager later told me a superior told her this training was not paid for, but that was just to cover her ###. She resigned a few weeks after I voiced my complaints to our LP lady. If you did not get paid for this training, try to back track and figure out when you did it and how long it took you. I figured out all of phase one (the book version) took me over 20 hours! That's a lot of money I was missing out on!

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    Lina101 Apr 13, 2013

    I have been having problems with my manager since she was transfer to the store its been 5 years and nothing has improved, I don't know who else to talk to ...DM, HR, and ethics line has not done anything in my favor...The DM, and HR, both favor her in anything ...I now was transfer and given to work the Overnight hours, I have been with company over 20, and its been 2 years I don't get a raise, but some new employees come in with a better pay rate, than me ...I don't understand, but this has nothing to do with the company, but the people they have in charge of the higher positions, that are making these decisions ... very upset...

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    hardworkingandeducated23 Sep 25, 2013

    CVS Pharmacy
    Since day one I have been mistreated, yelled at, insulted, and pushed around by my pharmacist and certain team members of pharmacy. It's to the point they openly snap at me in front of the customers for the most part I have taken it, but today I stood my ground & defended myself to the associate pharmacist who yelled at me across the pharmacy as I assisted a customer who had been waiting 45 minutes for a prescription. I originally did not have a line of customers as I was finishing up her refill with another team member next to me the assoc. pharmacist yelled "(name) are you helping a customer"? When I responded "yes" he came over & said when you have a line send the customers to drop off literally in my face nose to nose violating my personal space. I turned to the associate pharmacist & stated " At the time no one was there that's why I assisted her at drop off had four people in line I was doing my job"! After servicing all customers I requested to go on my break early. Just before leaving the associate pharmacist requested to speak with me before clocking out. I walked over & he stated I needed to move fast. I immediately said "excuse me" I'm not superwoman I can't move like the speed of light however I per my trainer I am allowed to go as slow as I need to ensure I am doing my job correctly. I will move fast, but I will not hurt myself in the process. The associate pharmacist then said I have been very disrespectful & lacking in my performance & the other day I got mad at the (lead pharmacist name) when switching me from a station (side note: unprofessionally in front of a customer in an abrupt manner associate pharm not aware) at that point I bit my lip trying to refrain from saying what I really wanted to say. I then stopped him & said at no point in our hand book does it say your allowed to shout across the pharmacy to get my attention, or ask me what I'm doing, at no point does it say your allowed to violate my personal space when addressing me with a concern, or throw a conversation in my face that you don't have all the facts to. The associate pharm then cut me off saying I don't want to hear this leave my store I don't need you for the rest of the day & instructed me to call the store in the morning. One minute I'm doing a horrible job & constantly disrespected the next minute I'm "asked to stay later & cover peoples shifts because I'm picking up quite fast & doing a fantastic job" with this being my 5th day feeling like things aren't working at that specific location it's time to request a transfer so I can continue working with this awesome company.

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  • Pr
    prov20_5 May 27, 2014

    My husband been working for CVS about 6 months and has dealt with everything everyone here has complained about !!! treated like dirt hours cut for free labor by pharm techs on externships horrible boss who's not even certified and gave the full time position they promised my husband to her sister ! DM does nothing while he had no hrs like 1 day a week she was getting overtime then supposedly the DM was mad she kept getting on to her but never really did anything ! Wonder what inside dirt she has on the DM cause she gets away with everything. now husband called every CVS in FL looking for hrs and or to transfer to full time position got hrs in Gainsville was expected to get mileage got there and half way through his shift the manager tells him hes not gonna pay mileage for driving all the way from Jax ! Worst place to work ever !!!

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    Harriedandworried Sep 11, 2014

    Sometimes it seems that there is nothing that you can do, I am a Manager and my DM has made my store such a hostile work environment that I cannot sneeze without worry that one of my shifts will try to report me for something. I have actually had one of them come to me and tell me that a certain shift who has been trying to get me fired for 4 months so the Asst. can take over constantly asks him if there is anything she can report me for. She does this EVERY WEEK and when I talk to my DM about it he actually calls her and tells her if she has any issues with me to call HR directly and skip the ethics line. Its not just Managers who make life miserable it can go both ways and I feel your pain!

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    Spider4 Jan 11, 2016

    I have been constantly talked down to since I started working here. I do my best to make sure that customers are taken care of, but I get yelled at for being slow and ridiculed with sarcastic remarks when I voice a concern or ask a question (I'm a new hire) that they know because they have BEEN THERE WAY LONGER THAN I HAVE. I'm sorry for asking for help. An incident happened today where I say a woman who was clearly being abused. I pulled her to consultation away from the man she was with to try to speak to. She didn't know engpish, so I asked a coworker to translate my question for me. The pharmacist can over and asked what was going on. I told her what was going on and she said "we're not allowed to do that". I had to go back to working, and I watched as the woman walked away after being talked to about her medicine. It stuck with me for the rest of the day. When I spoke to another coworker about it, the other pharmacist over heard, and started sarcastically saying in a loud voice "__________ got her conscience degree". I hate this place. I like most of the customers, some of my coworkers, and ONE pharmacist who's a cool guy. There's nothing to be said for the rest who only care about the bottom line, and only sees the customer as a means to get to it.

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  • Kk
    Kk2015 Apr 02, 2016

    Hey there im an employee also and have the same issue with are new pharmacy manager whos only 25 hes cocky and no matter whats going on he has something smart to say. If cvs has a goal of seeing of many people quit its growing by the day.
    This young kid has no clue how to run the pharmacy instead is just winging it all the way. Its a pretty sad situation before him the manager was amazing. She was upbeat and always asking customers what she can do to helo them. Wth webt wrong. He talks to us like were dumb. Not to mention he thinks he can do whatever he pleases

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    Dodge Jones Jul 21, 2016

    I was 18 when I started working at CVS Pharmacy. I was so excited after knowing the store's employees and employer since I was ten, and very eager to work. I started on Valentines Day of this year and I was excited but nervous at the same time given the high demand of service required on holidays. An older gentlemen came to to the checkout counter with around five items and asked me to grab him a sixth item around the counter that was decently expensive. He handed me exact cash ($120) and I had left the register very disorganized (fives where tens should be and so on) therefore, I didn't want to make it more complicated for other transactions so I stupidly slipped it in my pocket with intent to sort it later. The man may have though I had intent to steal it but I explained my confusion and he moved on with his purchases.

    I had volunteer work shortly after the end of my shift that I needed to catch a bus to make and (again, stupidly) forgot about the money in my pocket. As I left the store my manager causally said he would see me on that next Thursday. I didn't wash my uniform until the Wednesday before and saw the money. I freaked out given that I was working the next day and it was after hours so I couldn't return it that night.

    I came into work that next Thursday after a college interview and changed out of my "great first impression suit" in the break room. After I changed I worked at the counter for about ten minutes and then was called by my manager up to his office. I knew what it was about and was ready to explain the unlucky occurrences leading to the financial loss. I had the money with me in an envelope however and hoped I wouldn't be punished too harshly.

    I came into the office and to my surprise my manager left me in his office with two very large (muscular and tall) men that seemed initially very intimidating. One man was in a swivel chair by a computer and another was in a stationary by the wall. They gave me a very general assessment of who they were (loss prevention) and what they did (prevent loss). Following this, a very "good cop bad cop routine" laid its ground and I could feel it. As I tried to explain the situation, the man sitting in the stationary chair by the wall actually cracked his neck and knuckles (terrifying me) while the man in the swivel chair continued to ask no matter my utterances if I was "insulting their intelligence".

    I continued to explain my case as I assured them no, but they seemed to get sick of me and my explanation. They said that if I didn't sign documents (that they wrote by hand in front of me) saying that I stole the money from the store, they would have the cops come and arrest me. I cried and begged because I know I didn't do it intentionally, but had to sign to prevent legal action.

    I was lead into the break room by one of the men to collect my things. He seemed to almost turn over completely on the attitude spectrum. Very mean to very nice. I walked to work every day and told him that was how I was getting home by preference. He thought I had potentially shoplifted merchandise and searched my bag to make sure (finding nothing obviously). The man asked me why I stole it and when I said I didn't he continued to shut down on a responsive level. They had my manager drive me home. I loved my manager, but I felt like garbadge next to him. I tried to appologize, but he wouldn't take it because he didn't know the situation yet.

    He called me on February 20th and told me (almost based on script) that I had been terminated. I didn't fight it, said thank you, and said goodbye. I wasn't banned from the store, but nevertheless can't sleep because my character was killed in the store that night.

    How can I repair what was lost? My manager said that I would receive money based on the hours I worked soon, but that was three months ago. I want to give the store my wages to prove I didn't steal anything. I love the store, but think that loss prevention was not very appropriate. What can I do please? I am so depressed and feel terrible. I would love another chance. Please help! :(

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