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Hello, my name is Amanda Johnson. I am a current customer of CVS, due to my famililes prescriptions being bought out by you all. I have called on 9/3/2019 twice and stayed on hold more than 45 minutes, I aslo called on 9/4/2019. more than twice. I called the pharmacy several times and was on hold more than 20 minutes at a time. I also called the front of the store, the first time they put me through to the pharmacy. I sat on hold for 20 minutes, the second time I called the front of the store, the lady was very rude to me. She told me that she couldn't put me through to the pharmacy, i told her my concern and she kept telling me that she couldn't put me through, after the first girl did. She then hung up on me, so I called the pharmacy again and proceeded to sit on hold again for another 20 minutes. I have continued to call the pharmacy and it is just a repeat of holding. I am trying to speak to someone in order to get them to fax over all of my families medications to Wal-Mart Pharmacy @ 1379 Homer Rd, Minden, LA 71016. Phone number 318-377-8211, this is my pharmacy. I used Fred's due me being employeed there before closing. I want all of my families stuff transferred to them. I understand that they are busy, but there is ABSOLUTELY no sense in them just not answering the phone. My dad has severe health problems, which include his heart. I also have health problems, and my finacee' has severe migraines. It is very important that we have our meds. Please contact me at [protected]. I am not a happy customer.


Amanda Johnson

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    This is Amanda Johnson again, 09/04/2019I finally got into touch with them after another 3-4 times of trying to call and staying on hold. The last time I called they finally picked up within 15 minutes of the hold. The girl that I spoke with was very rude, she talked over me with me trying to tell her what I needed and whom I needed it on. When I finished telling her on one person what I needed she would try to finish up on the conversation. Every time I would go to tell her who else I needed, she would talk over me, and I asked her very upset to please let me finish. You don't do a customer like that, at all. I had several people to get information on and she acted like it bothered her. Yes, I was agrravated due to the fact of trying to get into touch with them over 2 days time and staying on hold like I have. She tried telling me that a new prescription that was turned to Fred's last month and only filled one time was expired. I know for a fact that this isnt the case, she snickered and said yea. I don't appreciate that at all. Again shhe was very rude, I dont care how busy you are or how upset a customer is. You do not be ugly to them whatsoever, I understand now why people hate this pharmacy. If I would have been this ugly or rude to a customer I would have written up. Something needs to be done, to where it does not happen to another customer. I have busy schedule and don't have time for people to treat me this nor stay on hold for as long as I have the past two days. I to am a Pharmacy Technician and I would never do or treat a customer the way that she treated me over the phone. She owes me and my family an apology, along with being written up by the PIC.

Sep 04, 2019
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  •   Sep 04, 2019

    A customer in the line is worth two on the phone. Go into the store and establish a rapport. Don’t be an incessant whiner.

    Hope that helps!

    Your friend,

    Biggus Dickus

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  • Te
      Sep 04, 2019

    If you wouldn't keep hanging up and calling back, you would have been helped by now.

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