Crunch Fitnesscustomer service

B Feb 26, 2018

Formally writing a complaint on meridian Idaho crunch fitness located on fairview avenue. This is worst gym I've ever attended. I've written on and can not get a response from anyone. My wife has seen the manager getting a blowjob in parking lot, staff never goes gym so always a mess they just sit in office downstairs. Kid who opens gym showed up 45 mins late last week. Many of us had to leave before doors even opened so we could make it to work. Construction has now been going for all 6 months of my membership and currently half the gym is closed so I can only use machines. No one who works out here is happy with current management since crunch bought the old gym out. FIX THIS PLACE!! I want someone to contact me please so I can cancel my memenership and I want my money back!!

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