Cricket Wirelesszte monthly phone bill


I processed a 1 time payment for Cricket Wireless of $50.00 and they have managed to take out 7 payments all together of $50.00 a piece. I contacted my bank yesterday with Richard from Cricket Wireless on the line and spoke to a Manager by the name of Jess. Jess refunded my account the 6 payments that were not suppose to come out.. Between 3-4am this morning I received text alerts from my bank informing me that Cricket had taken the 6 payments again and causing my account to overdraw again.. I have been on the phone all morning with Cricket and my bank and each company places the blame on the other one.. I am now charged and overdraft, have no funds in the bank for gas to get to work and no one knows what is going on.. My banks dispute takes 10 business days and Cricket says 3-5 business days to find out what is going on.. I need some assistance with this matter to have my funds returned immediately!!! Their customer service stinks and each time they place you on hold for an hour or longer to come back and tell you "I am so sorry but"...

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