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I ordered a phone online after I was unable to charge my current phone. That same day, I cancelled the order as I got my issue fixed. I used the chat service and the lady stated the order is cancelled and that my refund had been initiated. Two days later, I received the phone that I cancelled. I contacted Cricket again and they sent me return information. Which was a pain as it was because I didn't have a way to print out the return label. I received two emails on 1/14/2022. One stated the device was received and the other stated the refund would be received within 10 business days. I did not receive the refund within the 10 business days. I spent over an hour and half dealing with Victor, who stated the refund had never been processed. He "opened a case" to get the refund going. Later that day, I received a text saying there was missing information on the case and that it was closed. The next day, I spent about 2 hours with Steve who said it was closed because they didn't have a return tracking number, which Victor never asked me for. I supplied the requested information. Steve had to open yet another case because the first one was closed. He promised me this would be the end of the issues and that I would be given the refund and that there was nothing else that could be missing. I asked Steve for a direct number to a human that can help me in the event that said refund was not received. Apparently Cricket does not allow their "valued" customers access to a supervisor or anyone outside of the customer support - which is completely ridiculous. Anyway, later that night, I get yet another text saying there was missing information on my case and closed that case too. So, the next day, I again had to go through the entire situation with yet another person, Sam. I demanded to speak with someone who could actually help me instead of making empty promises. Again, I was denied. I found online that you could send complaints to the company's Facebook page/Messenger. So, I tried that. Went through the entire speel again. They opened yet another case. They said it has been approved and that it was escalated and that I would have my refund. It's now several days later and still no refund and they have stopped answering my messages. This is theft and fraud. It is disappointing because I have been a customer for years and have never had this kind of problem before. It's absurd that a customer cannot speak with anyone that can actually help. They do not care about their customers and have no problem stealing money from them. I am at total loss on how to get my money back. This company is horrible.

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Feb 09, 2022 6:19 pm

Returned phone I bought on Cricket website. Refund approved but I was charged a $25.00 upgrade fee. Also Cricket charge my account $450.99 but refunded $425.99. Therefore Cricket owes me $50.00. I have contacted them at least 8 times to no avail. They promise refund in3-5 business days but never pay it.

Apr 21, 2022 2:47 pm

How long did it take to get your refund I'm still waiting on mines


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