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C Oct 27, 2018
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Ok so... I go into a location convenient for me and want to make a payment. I get there two people there the lady helps the customers before me, and theres another guy there making popcorn. I stand there patiently, no greets by the way from anyone, still there waiting I finally go to the popcorn maker and i tell him "I'd like to make a payment please I'm kinda in a hurry.". He tells me "oh uh theres someone in the back I can get for you." So i wait and wait and he stands there making more popcorn (more important than the customer i guess) and finally he yells across the room to the other lady "Can you take a payment?!" She looks at him and says uh yea? With customers in front of her. I was dumbfounded! I guess the popcorn was more important than a customer. So I'm upset at that point thinki g WOW REALLY??!!! I now had to drive 5 miles away to make a payment (inconvenient) this having to go to work so was in a hurry. Which brings to when I first set my payment up it was supposed to be set for the autopay on the 1st of every month. Nope the guy lied to me from the beginning and my card was trying to charged 10/26. I had told him the 1st is convenient for me. He ASSURED me that I was taken care of. Didn't happen, that was why I was gonna make a payment instore. As i get the the othee location across town, the same guy (Garrett) who set me up was there. I told him about the popcorn guy and Garrett tells me "Oh yeah, he's like that." What the hell?? Why have a person who is like that work in customer service????? I dont know i switched from T-Mobile to this and this is by far the worse instore and phine customer service ever. But of course I'm sure nothing will be done about it. Its a bunch of crap when people don't know how to treat customers. If corporate is reading this DP SOMETHING ABOUT THIS!!!

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