Craigslistused troy bilt lawn mower

I found what thought was a good used riding lawn mower on Craigslist from someone who I believed to be a reputable, honest individual living in Independence, MO. Bob Davis repairs mowers and then turns them around for sale. Mr. Davis and his wife use Craigslist to sell items to generate an income.

I contacted Mr. Davis to see if this Troybuilt mower was still available. He said it was for $425 plus $40 to deliver. Happy to hear it was still available, I asked Mr. Davis to deliver the mower to my home in Leawood, KS.

Trying to make connections with Mr. Davis by phone was a challenge, but we were able to arrange a time for him to deliver the lawn mower. I guess that should have been my sign that I shouldn't deal with him since communication or making connections was such a hassle.

When he and I his wife arrived with the lawn mower, he was able to start it but it died. It was discovered that it needed a small device to shut off the fuel to the engine. That entailed a trip to the local O'Reilly's. When he returned, he put the device on the lawn mower, added some gas and it ran. The blades came on showing I would be able to cut grass. I paid him for the mower and that I thought, was that.

Until I tried using the lawn mower.

I had nothing but trouble with this thing. It wouldn't cut the grass because the belt came off when I tried to cut grass. I decided it needed a new belt, which I purchased. I could not get the new belt on being permanently disabled and I could not find anyone in the area who would come and repair it. I spent about a week trying to get the belt on or find some one to help me.

My wife called the Davis's and told Mrs. Davis about the issues with the mower and asked if they would please come and pick it up and refund our money. Mrs. Davis said she was sorry to hear that the mower wasn't working and that they always want to keep their customers happy so they'd come and pick up the mower and refund the money. More than a week went by since that first call, and we never heard from them, so my wife called them again. This next time when my wife called, Mrs. Davis told her that Mr. Davis was lying down in bed; according to Mrs. Davis, 'He was having a bad day because he has some medical issues.' But, she said that she would talk to him about picking up the riding awn mower and get back to us to say when they would be able to get it.

That conversation has been more than two weeks ago. My wife has been trying to contact the Davis's ever since. She either gets their answering machine, or the telephone rings and rings and rings, and by the tenth ring starts beeping. As recently as 10/4/2019, she did get an answer, but as soon as Mr Davis heard my wife, he hung up. When she tried to call back, the phone had a busy signal. He took the phone off of the hook.

All I want is for them to pick up this piece of junk and give me my $425 back since I told them they could keep the delivery charge .

Also, we have learned that my wife needs a biopsy, as she may have breast cancer. It is to be done later on this week. We need this money back because the insurance will not cover the procedure and the money needs to be paid up front.

My only recourse is to register a complaint with Craigslist about these people and to warn others not to do business with them. As I said, I am completely sympathetic to someone being ill. However, not to answer the phone and let someone know what is going on, or when they plan to follow through with what they said they do is not only inconsiderate, it is dishonest as well. They are not running a reputable business, in my opinion.

Do not do business with the Davis's.

If they cannot oblige, then I must make a complaint and warn people who use Craigslist in the KC area not to do business with the Davis's. They clearly are not people who want to keep their customers happy.

Oct 06, 2019

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