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This was a classic CraigsList scam. I should have known better but after speaking with Lorismel Matos Mendez over the phone I felt like he was honest, i was very wrong. The moment I deposited a portion of the funds needed for him to ship me the item, he stopped taking my calls and likely shut down his account. I have copies of Lorismel Matos Mendez passport and permanent resident card for the USA. If anyone knows how to prosecute him or has more information about please let me know. I have a singed contract with him that he is not honoring and I don't mind spending money to bring this criminal to justice.

lorismel matos mendez
lorismel matos mendez
lorismel matos mendez


  • Sa
    Sami4021 Aug 12, 2014

    Scammed me for an amount as well. How can I get my money back?

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  • Gr
    Grace2015 Sep 03, 2015

    This Lorismel Matos Mendez scammed me of $900. This was payment for Numark NS7 DJ Equipment which he listed on Ebay. He provided phone number and I spoke to him few time. He convinced me to send the money via Western Union to me in CA, which I did. I still have a copy of the receipt till date.
    Once Money was sent to him He started telling different stories. I ran back to Western union but they couldn't help me. The money was already picked up. The money was sen 6/10/2010.

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  • Sa
    Samuel79 Feb 03, 2016

    Has any of you stoped to think if that was the person who actually scammed you? maybe that Lorismel guy is just anothervictim of identity thief and the real scammer is using his information to commit his crimes, I too was scammed by someone using this name Lorismel Matos but after searching his phone number and email address I found another name linked to them ( Abdhul Zarahg) and this guy was emailing me from Siria, he claimed to be living at 8328 Spring Desert Pl, Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730 but the IP address was from Siria, he also had a weird accent, just saying, who would give that kind of information out if they knew what they were doing? Just think about it

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  • Fr
    Francis Trevon Nov 03, 2017

    @Samuel79 Good point, I don’t believe a good scammer would provide his/her own information while commiting a crime unless that person is [censor] or something, it is obvious that this person keeps getting away with it and keeps using the same information over and over again, at some point the person with the name being used is going to be questioned by authorities and either go free or to jail, and only then we will know the truth but I’m going to bet that the person with the name being questioned is 100% innocent and has no idia of what’s going on which is sad but also the unfortunate reality of how many people are victims or identity thief these days, Maybe this guy is the scammer but maybe he is not, I just think it is a bit stupid to use your own name to commit a crime multiple times that’s all

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  • To
    Tokenride Aug 20, 2016

    That last comment I'd probably from Loren himself. I personally know this guy. My roommate and took him and helped settle here from Cuba. After about three months I had been fed up with my stuff dissapearing and he pulled a knife on me over an argument regarding a video game, so moved out with my girlfriend and bought my own place. He then befriended some close friends of mine and I told them I was not going to hang out with them if he is at the same location. They kept hanging out with him and he eventually took pictures of the credit cards and check book of my friend's wife. He then used them to commit fraud. He then took my former roommate to the cleaners for thousands. I kept warning them all but they learned the hard way. He at one point confessed that in Cuba he was always scamming tourists and prostituting himself. He moved to Mexico because he had warrant in the US for petty stuff like driving without a license.

    I KNOW that you will screw over the wrong person in Mexico and you will disappear. Good riddance I say.

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  • Ly
    LyndaA May 06, 2017

    I don't understand why this person is not in jail, has anyone considered filing a police report? If he is an immigrant this criminal should be deported.

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  • Da
    DarienP Feb 03, 2018

    Lorismel Matos Mendez is a real scammer from La Habana Cuba. Its a warning don’t trust this person. He will stab your back. When I met him he seemed a good person, I looked for his name on google and found all this comments and thought everything was false because his behavior seems different from all said here before and still trusted him. He will rob you and make it look that he didn’t do it even if you have all the proof.

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  • Ju
    Julio El estafado Apr 03, 2018

    Este tipo es un astuto y habilidoso estafador, hoy Marte 3/18 acaba de estafarme con $700 se lo envie por Walmart y tan pronto retiró El dinero desconecto o apago el tell., daria cualquier cosa por verlo en la cancel., Lorismel M Mendez., si tu lees este comentario, quiero decirte que el que compira contatra mi Sera juzgado por la justicia divina, disfruta de mi dinero mientra llega tu juicio

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