Craft Holstersit. 564- tactical drop leg holster for springfield xd-45 - 5”

M Nov 18, 2017

First thing... This is not necessarily a complaint since I am quite happy with the holster. It was definitely worth the wait for a custom made piece of equipment that my XD45 fits in perfectly.
It only took about 15-20 minutes to get it adjusted to my comfort level and it I absolutely love it! The straps for the extra magazine and the firearm itself are quite rigid but that is to be expected on a brand new holster. Just a matter of getting broken in.
I've worn it a few times since I purchased it and it gets more comfortable every time and I am getting more used to it as well, it almost feels like a part of my body.
I honestly do love this rig as I found that a belt carry holster was too uncomfortable and an unnatural draw that I had to raise my arm up way to high to get the pistol out. With the drop leg holster the pistol is at arms length, right where the hand naturally falls when walking, no awkward tweaking of the arm to retrieve your firearm. I've seen some negative reviews of drop leg holsters being to uncomfortable but for me this is exactly what I was looking for.
There is one thing that I would like to point out and I'm hoping it will go away once it gets broke in a bit more, when I am walking it has a slight squeak in the two clips that connect the belt loops to the holster. I've included a couple photos, one is my pistol in the holster ( excellent fit by the way) and the other is the clips where the squeaking is coming from.
Thank You Craft Holsters for a quality, custom made holster!

Craft Holsters
Craft Holsters

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