Cox Communicationsinternet

I Sep 07, 2018

So this is interesting. I cancelled my "bundle" and opted for just internet. I cut the cord because every year cox keeps raising my rates. So after canceling and returning my cable box, I get a notice from them saying that they'll charge me $7.99 for the modem. I completely forgot that in order to get the bundle discount, I needed to ditch my existing Motorola surfboard modem and use their modem which had phone jacks. I never even had a phone in the house! Anyway, I replugged my old modem and called to activate. They said it wouldn't work because my modem is no longer supported. Fine, I'll go along because my modem was pretty old. So I bought a new netgear cm500 docsis 3.0 modem which said it was cox verified and plugged it in. Called cox to activate and the lady kept asking me to hold because she was having trouble activating it. After a while she comes back on tells me some bs about my modem is too powerful for my current speed. I would have to upgrade my plan to a higher speed. I came unglued and demanded to speak to her supervisor. Her supervisor came online and started apologizing profusely saying she was confused and that it would be fine. My internet works now but I'm still livid and wish I had another option like Fios or att. Unfortunately cox is the only provider in this neighborhood.

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