Cox Communicationsfraudulent bait-switch tactics!

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I was lured to Cox communications because I was offered a special price for bundled services for a period of one year by the customer service rep I spoke to. This was for Cable TV, Internet, and telephone. When I got the bill it was far more than I had agreed-to on the phone. It took more than an hour to get resolved and even then the bill was not adjusted to the amount I had agreed to pay. I normally would not have carried the matter too much further, but I found out that my Friend, Lynn Wentz had switched to Cox with the same promises of saving money, and agreed on a rate, only to get the bill and a big surprise that it was not was was agreed, and in fact was a LOT bigger. It may be that what we have discovered is an effort by Cox to bait-and-switch customers and then gouge them. In the absence of an up-front contract price it would be hard to prove, but there IS an implied contract in these dealings and possibly a violation of Federal law. I am posting this to see if other customers in VA are experiencing this anomaly. I am sure Verizon's lawyers would love to find more on this story.


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    Nova123 Sep 12, 2014

    I had similar issues with Cox as regards the bait & switch for pricing in VA, with the 1st bill being more than double the amount promised (including taxes & fees) that I confirmed at least 5 times with various customer service reps, supervisors & Level 2 employees. Cheats & liars, basically, this whole company really., , ,

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    Tawanna Frazier Lumpkins Jun 21, 2017

    I agree. I am experiencing the SAME issues! Told my bundle would cost me $159.04 per month for a year and at the end of the install it was $288!!

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    Cox is a lyer Aug 21, 2018

    I just googled this heading and found your post. The exact same thing just happened to me. My husband got a quote
    for $79.00, when the service rep came to my house suddenly all these fees starting adding up. The price out the door
    was at $127.02 per month. That is nearly twice what we were quoted from the telephone rep. I refused to accept the service and sent the Rep. on his way. A few minutes later some telephone rep from Cox who was clearly calling from a country far away wanted to know why I canceled when I told him he could have cared less. Well GOODBYE CABLE,
    there are far many ways to watch TV and to access the internet. Like I am now with my hotspot on my phone that I have with TMobile. COX SUCKS!

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    Deekay729 Jul 11, 2019

    They're doing it here, in Ohio too!
    They quoted me 39.99 for basic t.v. only and then sent me a bill for 89.99 and told me that's the prorated amount and that my regular bill will be $115 per month!

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