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Being a customer for 16 years means nothing
On 4/2/17 - I was hospitalized after a fall, ended up with surgery, and congestive heart failure. On 4/15/17 - I was finally released. I received several notices from Cox regarding my bill. Explained to them that I am 69 and on 100% disability. I had filed for the lifeline thou Cox several times, but never heard anything back. I am 69, on total disability and live alone. I fall a lot, and am extremely hard of hearing. I get Medicare and social security only. On May 5, 2017, I explained to them that I could not pay the entire bill, the billing department told me that I had to pay all or nothing. They were ready to disconnect everything. I requested to keep the phone, just paying that portion of the past due at this time. I was rudely informed that since I had a bundle, I had to pay it all or nothing. They wanted me to post date a payment. The last time I did that with them, it was dated for 6 days later when I knew the money would be available, they didn't wait, the check run thou the bank on the same day, then again a few days later, leaving me with $70 over draft fees at my bank.
This morning May 11, 2017, I called Cox to try again to work this all out, and was on the phone with them for almost 2 hours being transferred back and forth, customer service transferred me to a loyalty agent who transferred me to billing, who transferred me to collections, then back to billing. This went on for over an hour and a half. I explained my situation about a dozen times. Each time I was told that I could have it all or nothing since it was bundled, the phone could not be separated.
So at this time, I have no phone, Internet or TV. Being almost 100% deaf I used a caption phone which requires Internet access, so I cannot use this now. I have a cell phone, but living in a mobile home, there is no signal inside. Being on almost complete bed rest, I can't run outside if I need help. If I do use the cell phone, I cannot hear the person on the other end because I need the caption phone to see that side of the conversation.
A friend loaned me a mobile Internet device so that I can use the Internet.
I don't understand why everything is so bundled that they say they cannot separate the different parts of the bill, except that on my paper bill, it is separated. If I can view the bill broken down, why can't they?
I really don't think that this is any way to treat a loyal customer of 16 years. I am totally finished with them. I will not go back to using any of their services, and I definitely will do anything I can to discourage new neighbors from using their services.


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    Adam Burchett May 25, 2017

    I can relate to being in a very low income situation and having Health problems. Granted mine at this present time aren't as severe as yours but to answer your question, no being a loyal customer for 16 years or 40 years means nothing to them. I'm not aware of any Business truly caring about one's age, loyalty, and personal circumstances. Life is unforgiving and can be downright harsh. All they care about is if you can pay, If not no services for you. It's someone on the other end of the phone pretending to care about your situation when in reality they're solely interested in taking a payment or adding service to your account to benefit their paycheck and results they're judged by. all about $$$$$$$$$$$$$ that's it.

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