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I am Indian citizen working in Saudi Arabia. I solicit your support to resolve following matter. When I was in Bahrain on 25th Dec, 2015, I purchased 30 years Country Club Membership by paying 1530 BD by credit card. This membership also has 80 BD annual charges to be paid every year for 30 tears. Membership number is CVBH79KL30L1991. County club office is located in Dana Mall, shop no. 193 Manama, Bahrain. On realizing that because of my financial limitations I cannot sustain this financial burden I requested Country Club on 28th Dec. 2015 to cancel my membership and return my money. They refused to cancel the membership. I appreciate your support and guidance to resolve this matter to cancel the membership and get money back.


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    prashant S Umare Oct 15, 2016

    Matter is resolved, I received my complete refund and membership is cancelled. Thank you to all staff for support.

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  • No
    Noushad M Jul 04, 2018

    @prashant S Umare How did you solve this? I am in same situation now.

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  • Sa
    Sadique Muqadam Jul 11, 2018

    @prashant S Umare Prashant, please advise how did you resolve your issue. I am also facing same concern.

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    Muhammad S Oct 02, 2018

    @prashant S Umare man what did you do??

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  • Fe
    Feona Oct 26, 2016

    Please advise of how you got your payment refunded. Im also a victim and been trying to figure out of how to get my money back. Appreciate if you could reply at the earliest. Thank yoh.

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