Couchsurfingnecessary to pay if you want to use the website


I have used couchsurfing for years now, I still thibk it is a great way to meet like-minded people. I never had any bad experience with it and I keep believing that MOST people on this website are open-minded fellows, and with a little bit sof wittyness it is easy to find a safe place, maybe even new friends.

HOWEVER: I am greatly disappointed when I saw that in order for me to be able to send more than 10 requests, I would have to pay 60$. From this moment, this website is only for people who can afford to pay this amount (and in eastern europe it is sometimes the 20% of somebodys salary).
For the record, I got verified earlier for the 25$, because I thought about it as a donation to a cause I really believe in it and now I find it shameful that it became a regular business to the owners of the website.

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