Costco Wholesaletire center


We live an hour away from the nearest Costco. So we called ahead to see if they had specific tires for our car(gave the gentleman all details of car as well as the tires we wanted). There was a Bridgestone tire and install sale going on and we need tires bad. We were told that yes they had 41 tires of the Bridgestone ecopia422 (which we wanted) so we drove up to kalispell Costco. When I got ready to pay they said the price is 546.00! I said there is a mistake because I had a picture of the tire from Costco website showing 126.99 per tire final cost $437. They said they didn't have that tire in stock even though the night before they said they did. What they had in stock was the much more expensive model. We drove an hour with the expectation of benefiting from a great sale just to be lied to and knowing that we needed tires. And no one would help honor the price on the website. Costco has become just like any other Walmart or big box store. In it for the money and not it's customers.

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