Costco Wholesale Corporationdisrespectful employee

C Aug 07, 2018

I'm not sure how to go about this or even the best way to explain the situation, but basically one of your employees today fat shamed me while I was looking at pants. I was just looking around at the different styles and she said "We only sell smalls and mediums. That's what the sign says. We don't have any large sizes." Not once did I ask her, look at her, or indicate which size I was looking for before she said this to me. The tone she used and the way she looked at me as she said this was hurtful and embarrassing. I was so embarrassed I just said said okay and walked away on the verge of tears. If this woman had said this to someone with little confidence or self esteem, imagine how detrimental her statement could have been to them. I went and talked to another employee on my way out and I could tell they were sorry and felt really bad that this happened but I don't think they really knew how to handle the situation. I was not able to get the lady's name but she was older with short brown hair and it happened around 5:30 at the Costco on Andresen on 8/7.

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