Costco Tire Center Vacaville, Californiatire rotation

C Aug 17, 2018

On Aug. 16, 2018, I brought my car to Costco Vacaville, CA for tire rotation. I left my car due to a 3- hour wait. Upon pick up, I was informed by the front desk person that my right front hubcap was missing . I knew there were 4 hubcaps in my car because my husband checked all the tires before we left our house. I was thinking maybe the hubcap was stolen while I was parked at the Costco parking lot. I picked up my paperwork and proceeded to drive back home. After 15 minutes of driving, I received a call from Costco Tire Center stating my hubcap was found in their work area. I was instructed to park on the side of the building to have my hubcap installed. I turned around and proceeded back to Costco. When I went to the check in desk, I waited for my turn but the person at the desk called the technician immediately who worked on my car. I was telling him that I was frustrated and had to drive back to pick up my hubcap. He stated, "I was just reading the car report." I told him I didn't want to take up all my frustrations on him. Then the technician came with my hubcap. I asked him if he was the one who worked on my car. He said yes but I didn't get his name. He was laughing saying the hubcap rolled in their work area and then proceeded outside to install the hubcap to my car that was parked on the side. He then walked away without saying anything. I was so frustrated, very dissatisfied with the way I was treated. I strongly believe that I didn't deserve such disrespectful, neglectful, unprofessional and uncalled for kind of service. I wanted to ask more questions to be reassured that everything was okay and that I can safely drive back home. I had so much respect for Costco, as a whole, but now that respect and trust are gone. Since I was not able to talk to anyone at the tire center, I decided to talk to the manager on duty named Ken. He was apologetic and stated " Accidents happen; there is a supervisor who checks all cars prior to release to the customers." If that was the case, how come my hubcaps were not noticed to be missing ? Didn't the supervisor ask the technician about the missing hubcap? I came home very dissatisfied with the service. I am writing this with the hope that this will never happen again to any Costco customer.

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