Costcorude and openly contentious behavior by a register person


A sales associate named Felicia C. @ register #5 was extremely rude to my husband and myself. She challenged whether we could use my husbands Costco card with my credit card. She did not even give me a chance to get out my own since we are on the same account. From that moment on...she was highly discourteous. the point that she did not help pack up but chastised my husband for taking his time. When he asked about help with packing, she started tossing items in the cart. To make it worse ...she started mocking whatever he was a horribly surprising experience that I am still upset an hour later. I have NEVER had such a unprofessional encounter in all the years I have been going to that store.


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    heath2011 Aug 04, 2012

    You would have to show your membership card to use your credit card that is the policy. My guess is you got snotty when she told you and she returned the attitude

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    Franco Q Aug 05, 2012

    Thanks for replying, we could give two ### to your comments. First of all I feel that my husband and wife were discriminated against because we are a gay married couple. I am old enough to be married. I am 30 years old. My partner is 36. We are far from being children. I think the reason we got rude treatment was because we are a gay couple. If you read my husbands review you would see that this is not about not accepting the card, but about her rudeness. She mocked me, and was very unhelpful and I suspect this was due to the fact that we are a gay married couple.

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    aliwithani84 Aug 05, 2012

    Everyone hates tasha9.

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