Costa Coffeerude and unacceptable behaviour

Today at 6:30 PM at your outlet in DXB T1, I ordered coffee and some sandwiches resulting in total bill of AED 38/-.
I gave AED 500/- note to the Manager who was there at the counter, but she insisted to pay in small donations or by card. I informed her that I don't have both and as I am dining in only I don't Mind if you can get me the balance after some time. But to my surprise she refused to accept my order due to the non availability of change with them.
I want to know if this is the policy of Costa that customer should pay only the exact amount of the bill or by card otherwise you don't serve to them. If so it should be very clearly mentioned at the outlet.
Hope management will look into this matter and will reply back to me.
Thanks and regards,
Vishal Sharma
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Costa Coffee

Oct 03, 2019

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