Costa Coffeeunhelpful staff

M Jul 19, 2019

18th July 2019 14.30 approx

Elmer's End Tesco Costa outlet

Dear Sir/Madam

I went to your outlet on the above date to have a quick snack as I do quite often, the sandwich/rolls display unit has now been changed.

I chose two bacon rolls from the area labelled bacon rolls and gave them to the counter staff to heat up, ordered my tea and sat down.

When the rolls were served, they were of some concoction which definitely was not bacon; I queried this as I thought they may have been for someone else but, no, I was assured it was my order. When I pointed out to the server that they were from the bacon roll compartment she, said

"that I should have checked as sometimes children picked up the products and moved them around, and she did not have time to check that they were in the correct place".

What happened to customers rights here? I should have been offered a refund or a replacement correct order. Not a very good advert for "The Nations favourite coffee shop" is it? Food should be behind a screen as it used to be, so children cannot handle it. I am mindful to take this to trading standards but will hold back pending your explanation and what you intend to do for me to resolve this matter.

I am also somewhat surprised, as Costa coffee is now owned by an American company who, I know, always look after customers and any complaint of this nature would have been resolved quickly and with dignity at the time had I been in the USA.

Yours faithfully

Mr P Blackburn
2 Langley Road

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