Costa Coffeethey allow smoking inside the closed area

D Jul 04, 2019 Review updated:

It is totally unacceptable to allow people to smoke inside the closed areas of Coasta's halls. They provide around 2 tables for non smokers right beside the smokers inside the same closed area. How is that possible! Whenever I am studying, working or had to take my kids I am suffocating from the smoke and sometimes I have to leave.
I believe this act is against respecting others freedom and care of health.
I would highly appreciate if I will receive a feedback concerning my complain to determine whether I will be able 5o visit any of your branches located in Egypt ever again.
Thank you in advance.
Doaa ElKarmouty


  • Um is not an answer! Jul 04, 2019

    Move to the number one sanctuary City... New York. There is no smoking allowed, practically anywhere.

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