Costa Coffeestaff attitudes and quality of drinks

C Aug 07, 2018

I attend the Costa inside the Odeon Cinema in Tamworth, Staffordshire three times a week. I am severely disabled and autistic so I look forward to my visits as I spend the rest of my time at home on my bed. I have been going to the same Costa for two years now and never had a problem. Lately there has been a problem with the quality of drinks I receive from a few members of staff... Paige and Kayleigh... I have lattes and they should be thick, frothy and creamy and most staff deliver this. These two named staff constantly serve very poor lattes, which are more like flat whites... It seems that they are just being extremely lazy and can't be bothered to do it properly.
An incident happened on Saturday 4th August at the same Costa... The member of staff... James... failed to mention that drinks are made with semi-skimmed milk as standard, I prefer whole milk and because it was different my autism kicked in and I got upset. My husband took it back and James gave us a new one and apologised. Fine. My husband then explained to James that I don't deal with changes very well. James reply was "Life's all about changes" and he laughed. It may not seem much to you but I was very offended and upset. Paige was also working that day and she was having, what I would call, a completely inappropriate conversation with James and a friend. She was talking very loudly about a recent visit to Ann Summers store and describing the lingerie she bought. I was extremely uncomfortable and as its inside a cinema there were children all around. On Monday 6th August I was back for my regular visit and I mentioned to Paige and Kayleigh what had happened on the Saturday. They whispered amongst themselves then completely ignored me.
I literally spend 90% of my life on my bed and only spend 4 hours 3 times a week out of my house. I look forward to my Costa and this particular Costa is the only one in our area that has the space to accommodate my power chair. I now find that these 3 people are ruining it for me and are causing me extreme distress.
Hope you can help and thankyou for your time.
Mrs Carol Makepeace

  • Costa Coffee Customer Care's Response · Sep 03, 2018

    We are sorry to hear you have had a disappointing visit with Costa. So that we can address your complaint can you please confirm the following:

    Full name
    Postal address
    Email address
    Contact telephone number
    Costa Clubcard account number
    Date & Time of visit
    Store location - with postcode if possible

    Then either send us an email to [protected]
    Call us on [protected]

    We will reply to emails within 7 working days. We look forward to hearing from you and to resolving your issue.

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