Costa Coffeefake cheque?

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Some time ago I sent details, including what I believe to be a fake (HSBC) cheque to your Fraud Operations at the Fraud Office in Park Street, London PS04. To date, I have not had a reply even though I supplied my email address, telephone numbers; home and mobile. It is now urgent that I am advised what to do as the person/company are now presurising me for onward payment. Unfortunately, apart from the address, I have no way of contacting the fraud office. Can you please urgently assist me by providing a telephone number or email address of the HSBC Fraud Office.

With regards

John Tildesley

email: [protected]
Tel: Mob 00 357 [protected]
Tel: Home 00 357 [protected]


  • K
      May 26, 2012

    please as a regular customer who loves Costa try to have a look by a supervisor at the branch in Reform St.Dundee, the layout leaves so much to be desired and a change of soft furnishings is neccessary as the seats are filthy, it only requires a bit of imagination to tidy up the shop. There is so much competition here in Dundee with coffee shops opening up all over the place that you stand a good chance of losing custom which would be a shame. It only takes a few minutes to have a look and rectify. I look forward to your early observations.
    Yours Faithfully, Jack Hogan

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  • R
      Sep 02, 2018
    Costa Coffee - The manager
    England, Buckinghamshire
    United Kingdom

    I had witnessed the manager at olney market get rude to her member of staff as he wasn't feeling well and she was that rude he got told to leave work straight away

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  • J
      Sep 05, 2018
    Costa Coffee - Gift card
    United Kingdom

    I bought my son a Costa gift card as a gift for last Christmas (Dec 16). When he tried to use it last week it had expired. See printout below. There was no expiry date on card.

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  • S
      Sep 10, 2018
    Costa Coffee - Customer Service& honesty

    I would like to thank Costa Coffee ( Muscat city centre branch -Oman) for thier honesty and loyalty, as they have kept my precious possessions that I have forgotten with them for two weeks. All greetings to them

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  • W
      Sep 10, 2018
    Costa Coffee - coffee club
    United Kingdom

    Cant register my card £13 on it Cant get a free drink

    card no [protected] [protected] 0

    e mail [protected]

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  • J
      Oct 28, 2018
    Costa Coffee 50 High Street, East Ham, London E6 2HJ - About a new manager
    England, Greater London
    United Kingdom

    Into our area in east ham came a new manager at costa coffee shop.
    She doesnt know how to deal and behave with a customers.
    Also she made me 2 the worst coffees ever.
    Please to change a manager in our area.
    Thank You

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  • R
      Oct 31, 2018
    Costa Coffee - I’m complaining about the rubbish customer services
    Harlesden London
    United Kingdom

    I have my coffee today as I'm regular customer one of the stuff was very rood talking to me like someone who fighting please if you care about your business don't give the vacancy to those people I will never go again. Harlesden coffee shop Costa

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  • F
      Nov 04, 2018
    Costa Coffee Queen Street - charge of ops
    United Kingdom

    Myself and my friends were regular customer from Costa coffee queen street, we noticed that we were charged 20p more for ops coffee when none of us had requested ops..
    we hope that the company is not ripping off customers with 20p in each coffee.

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  • T
      Nov 05, 2018
    Costa Coffee - Cleanliness of toilets
    Poole, England, Dorset
    United Kingdom

    I visited the Costa coffee in Falklands Square, Poole yesterday at 9:30am. The seating area was generally untidy where tables hadn't been cleared, but worst of all was the toilets, they had clearly not been cleaned for weeks. This is unacceptable for this kind of establishment.

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