Continental Fincancefraudulent company


My ex-girlfriend was able to open up an account in my name with a 300.00 credit limit. After receiving the card, the 300.00 credit limit was reduced to approximately 80.00 due to fees associated to the card. Payments to this card had a 7-12 day holding, which in turn only realistically gave me 1/2 a month to use the card. At one point they denied receiving payment and charged late fees, penalties, and over balancing the 300.00 credit limit. I filed a complaint to the BBB. The company denied receiving payment. The card goes in collection and instead of a normal charge-off, in the fine writing they are allowed to charge interest while sitting in collection. Now I have to go to court for a 2000.00 lawsuit. Where is the justice for the consumers scammed by businesses like this. Lets do the math 300.00 to a 1700.00 swing...

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