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I have been a cardholder since 2006. I have always paid at least the minimum due and my payments have always been early. Imagine my surprise when receiving my Feb. 2009 statement and seeing that not only was I overlimit, but that many other charges were applied to my account. I had a "late fee", "overlimit fee", and a "cli" fee which was explained as a "Credit line increase fee". After finally reaching a "Human", he explained that my payment had been cancelled online at their website I explained that I had the receipt but he was indignant and stated that Continental had no control over the website as far as online payments and that since it was showing cancelled, they had no recourse but to charge the fees. I explained once again that I had not cancelled the payment. He said that he was sorry but there was nothing he could do. What a good way to make money. I know that times are tough, but why cheat a good customer? There has to be something better!


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    Kelli J. Sawyers May 07, 2008
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    I paid off my rip off Continental Finance card in Feb 2008. While my check was enroute to Continental Finance for my pay off, Continental Finance "claims" my "monthly service fee" occured and I still owe them $112.00. Over my dead body will this rip off, fraudulent company get another penny from me. Continental Finance people call my home 5-6 times a day harrassing me. I spoke with 6 different supervisors in which one supervisor told me, "your account is zero and listed as paid as agreed, no one will be bothering you again". That very same day someone from "Continental rip off " called me and said, "while your check was enroute to us a "monthly" finance charge occured so you still owe us money". Needless to say this ### got a royal earful from me and I slammed up the phone. If Continental Finance thinks they are going to keep calling my home 5-6 times a day and ruin my credit with false credit reporting they have another think coming and I will sue them.

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