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J Nov 04, 2019

So I move into a rental home on july 24 and get a bill for 3 days of over $100!!! So that is #1.
#2, my next full month of utilities is over $400!! What the hell? (fyi: I live in a 2200 sq. Ft home now but in my previous home which was 2 stories over 2500 sq feet with 2 ac units, my highest bill was $360)
#3, month 3 now I get the bill now over $500!!! Wtf! I was livid! How is my electricity alone over $300 this month?? I looked on bill and on my lease and nowhere can I find the kwh charge for them. It shows I used over 33, 000 this month and 3100 last one. How? That is insane and unheard of. I am switching asap but can anyone tell me if there is anything else I can do other than warn everyone???

Conservice Utility Management & Billing
Conservice Utility Management & Billing

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