Zaxby's / employee payroll

Dear Zaxbys,

My name is Jacob Kahn and i have been working at the zaxbys in Dallas, Ga on Thomas B Murphy Drive for over a year now and am a hard dedicated worker. When i first started working there i was promised a raise every 6 months and yet to have gotten one, but new workers who don't work as hard as the others start off with higher pay. I also know some of my co-workers are frustrated with the same issue and have started to look for new jobs because of it.Whenever i ask my manager or the district manager bout the topic she said its out of her hands. I am currently helping pay my parents house bills and am trying to pay to get into college and I really like working at Zaxby's but i am now being forced to consider a new job because i am still getting paid minimum wage after a year and a half of working there. Can you please look into my issue and hopefully give me raises i was promised it would really mean a lot.
Sincerely, Jacob Kahn

Apr 10, 2017

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