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I'm extremely disappointed at Zaras Service.
I ordered from the website nearly a month ago on the 18.04. I was told it would take 1 to 2 working days but I still have not received my package. I contacted the courier Fast Way as it said delivered when I checked tracking, but they have no record of receiving the order and said to contact Zaras Customer Service. I decided to do as I was told to and send emails to contact.[protected], so I got some replies saying that they would contact me as soon as possible.
As the days passed and I still had no reply other than the automatic reply, so I decided to call Zara and was informed that they still had no idea of where my purchase was.
I thought I would have my garments for a special occasion at the weekend but nothing arrived, so I asked on the phone if I could collect my order directly in the store, which I was informed that it wouldn't be possible.
Disgusted by the service, I gave up of getting my purchase and asked for a refund, so I was told that it would be done and I would receive an email confirming my refund.
Once more Zara disappointed me, as I still haven't got any email talking about my refund. The last email I got from zara was someone saying that they would contact me within 24-48 hours. And that was on the 29th.
As a last try to get my clothes, I went to Zaras shop in dublin. The shop was a total mess and they didn't have any of the clothes I've ordered there.

I started to get emails from Zara saying that they were trying to contact me but they weren't being able to reach me. Even though I didn't have any missed calls on my phone, I decided to call the number they sent me in the email. The number wasn't an irish number and they mentioned an online chat service witch I wasn't able to find in the website.
I got through Zaras Customer Service again and they asked my address once more and said that I should have a reply within 24 or 48 hours (again).

I feel totally disrespected by Zara and extremely disappointed.
I spent 123€ with this purchase and haven't seen my clothes or my money back, so I would like to know what else I should do to get what I have by right.

May 10, 2017

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