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I went to this store to return a shirt I had purchased approximately 2 weeks earlier. I had washed the shirt as per instructions and it came out of the machine completely ruined. I went in right at opening and asked to speak to the manager, Katherine. She took her sweet time coming to the front, the lady at the cash had to page her three times, and as I mentioned the store had just opened and there were no other customers in the store and I know she couldn't have been on break. Once she was at the front so was cold and miserable form the get go. I explained the situation and she asked if I had my receipt. I did not as when I got home there was no issue with the shirt. At that point she shut down and said they refused to do anything without a receipt. I was asking for an exchange, I wanted a new one that I would dry clean instead of washing (despite the label saying it is safe to wash). I don't know what the issue is as the item was still in stock and there is a Zara label on the shirt so clearly it is their product. She offered no advice or help just stood there and kept saying "no". I told her I paid for it with my credit card and told her she should be able to trace the transaction that way and she again stood there and said "no." For the past three years I have shopped here frequently and I will stop now. Terrible product and worse staff. If a company cannot stand behind their product, neither can I.

Jan 20, 2014
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  • Po
      Aug 15, 2018 - Footwears
    New delhi

    Hi i brought this footwears few days back
    After wearing the color came out of sweathing i brought this 4k
    I sepnd my whole pocket money on this and the product quality is poor very disappointed
    And the zara people saying they cant see any defect i have send aoo many pitures and the defect is visible
    I want my money back

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  • Al
      Sep 01, 2018 - they sent me a jacket with one armpit cut out!!
    Florham Park
    New Jersey
    United States

    I purchased a jacket online & realized there is a big hole cut out under armpit. Looks like it was done purposely being the jagged cut! It's unreal!!

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  • Ty
      Sep 01, 2018 - not being paid
    United States

    The company Zara has left a lot of Inditex and Zara workers unpaid. Shoppers in Islandbul have found desperate notes in their clothing. The notes had sentences about how they have not been paid.

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  • M3
      Sep 05, 2018 - online wensite

    Where is the Australian website? Why only THAT country does not have a catalogue? The most smallest countries even have their own. What's going on?


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  • Al
      Sep 10, 2018 - return
    United States

    Disappointed! Customer service wasn't helpful. Return policies are not flexible.

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  • Eb
      Sep 10, 2018 - about high waisted leggings
    United States

    I really like Zara's black high waisted leggings I've so many of them but their problem is that it got cut off and damaged easily . It never last for a month
    Please find a solution for this and thanks !

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  • Es
      Sep 11, 2018 - childrens top
    United States

    Washed it delicately once...and it got ruined

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  • Si
      Sep 11, 2018 - shoes
    United States

    I got a shoes from Zara and I wore it once and the shoes is bented and I can't wear it anymore. I am very upset!! Is there anything you could do for me ? I would really appreciate it!

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  • Ma
      Oct 15, 2018 - customer service
    North Hollywood
    United States

    Christina (with a bob cut) in the register was very rude, I'm not sure how she works in Zara but she has no manners. She didn't greet me instead I did, and as I was checking out she was not even paying attention to me. I'm seriously despointed, not going to shop anymore in Sherman Oaks Zara.

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  • Zo
      Oct 21, 2018 - zara man formal shoes
    United States

    I bought a formal shoes from US ZARA outlet. I only wore it once or twice and wrinkles come over in the front. So I want an exchange. I am from Lahore, Pakistan

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  • Sr
      Oct 22, 2018 - store pick up
    United States

    My order with Order number- 374658827 is supposed to be in the store for pick up in 3-5 business which I was told. Today is the 10th business day and The order is not yet ready. I called the customer service person. She was raising her voice at me. It will better if you learn to be responsible and respectful to the customers.

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  • Je
      Oct 22, 2018
    Zara - service
    Korea (South)

    I had my worst shopping experience in Zara myeong dong. The promoter named Min Ju Kung (if I'm not mistaken) Her service and attitude was so rude to customer. She doesn't even know how to respect customer. I'm doubting on the training of zara provide to their staff. The service is worst .

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  • An
      Oct 28, 2018 - quality of winter clothes

    i bought a long sleeves and after 3 time wash it start getting very bad...its not first time it happens to the winter collections for really fan of ZARA but recently very disappointed for high price and low quality...

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  • Yu
      Nov 05, 2018 - zara care (facebook)
    United States

    The assistant didn't remove theft alarm, so I contacted with Zara care(Facebook) . They told me fix the problem by myself. Now they told me waiting for email, I didn't get email . I can visit the nearest Zara to remove alarm, I wanna they pay traffic fee for me, but they refuse. A week passed, Zara car did nothing except waste my time.

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  • Da
      Nov 12, 2018
    Zara - return
    United States

    I sent an item back in due time that was purchased and sadly, did not fit. The item was $39.99. Instead of crediting the item 2 months ago, I receive the item again in the mail today. Really? So hold on to it, then take the time to box it poorly and spend the money to bounce it back to me? #ecommerce5starservice #enjoyitwhileitlasts!

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  • El
      Nov 12, 2018
    Zara Alexandria Branch Egypt - iam complaining about ahmed manager of the branch, the way is very low and not acceptable


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  • De
      Nov 13, 2018
    Zara - my order

    I plased a order in Zara they charged me but thay have not given me any msg Aur mail regarding me order and I msg them but no reply from Zara side.

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