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I accidentally duplicated my online order, and was not able to cancel the order in time. I received my both orders a week after my order confirmation. After which, I had some family issues that prevented me from returning the items. By the time I got to a store, I was 2 days after the 30day refund. The store said they could not help me because it was strict policy for them to not issue any returns after 30 days, but encouraged me to contact customer service call center.

I called, and basically told them that I was late in returning and hoped they could somehow help me with my situation, it did not matter whether I got back my money on my credit card or store credit. The lady asked me to hold and she would see what she could do. She came back, and told me that Zara stands behind their store's decision and that no refunds/exchanges/store credit would be issued. I tried to reason with her, that my tags were still on, the items were all brand new, and what could I do with items that I already owned - they were still selling the items for full price at the store! I made a mistake, but I was really hoping that they could have somehow worked something out. She insisted that Zara had a very generous return policy, and that me not being able to return it within 30 days was my own fault. I reminded her that if I had the time to come return my items anytime I wanted, then why would I bother shopping online? I would have just visited the store in person!

I probably spend around $500 a year... which is really peanuts for a million dollar company like Zara - I know it wouldn't make a difference whether I spend my money there or not. But what irks me is that for a $60 return, Zara refused to compromise and would rather lose a customer than make an exception. It's okay though, I will take this as my loss, and will never shop at Zara again.

Customer service keeps passing the buck around, and we're very firm that they would not help me because it is 'policy'. But while I was at the store, I see cashiers allowing refunds on items with no tags on them (clearly been used), but bought a week ago - so Zara is willing to take back obviously used merchandise even though it is clearly stated on their return policy, but won't accept mine because it was 2 days late?

I've never been to a retailer that is so rigid in its policies. Other retailers usually have some sort of leeway to find a resolution where both parties are satisfied, but Zara just failed miserably. For Example (tl:dr) - I'm not a fan of Apple products, but I have to admit their customer service was outstanding. My new puppy had just bit through my macpro charger, and knowing that it wasn't covered by warranty, I marched over to the Apple store to purchase another one. While I was there, their sales associate asked why we needed a new one and I told him what happened. He immediately went to his supervisor and got approval to cover our charger under their warranty. We took home a brand new laptop charger for FREE. Here I was willing to fork over $100 for a charger, and they gave it to me instead! Although I am still not a fan of their products, I will always have confidence that should I ever purchase an item from them, they will take care of me.

So while I'm sure my $500 a year won't make a dent in Zara's profits, I would like to remind Zara that you're not the only clothing retailer out there. There are plenty with clothes that are cheaper, better and a more reliable customer service support. I lost $60, but I consider it a cheap lesson to know what kind of business you run.

Honestly, I'm not posting here in hopes to get some sort of resolution or response from anyone. Just wanted to share my 2 cents, and post my breakup letter to Zara. So here it goes - Bye Zara, it was nice knowing you! May we never cross paths again :)

Jun 4, 2016
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  • Mj
      30th of Jun, 2016

    I just read the person's complaint about Zara's 30 day return . I couldn't agree more with the person's words but I can go one better on that. My 17 year old daughter bought a pair of jeans from Zara only to find them too big when she tried them on at home. She went to the Fairview mall location to return them within the 30 day period but as told she couldn't return them because the manager 'thought' she had already worn them which I can tell you wasn't true. I believe this store manager wasn't going to believe what a 17 old was saying was true. Something like age discrimination. The first chance I had to go with my daughter to return/ exchange/ or store credit the jeans was 3 days past their 30 day policy. The store was willing to take them back but I needed to call Customer Service to get the OK. I did as I was in the store. I spoke to a supervisor, supposedly 'The Supervisor' and what I got was a robot repeating the same thing over and over... I'm sorry but... I told him don't say your sorry if you can fix this situation that Zara's employee started this episode. He kept repeating himself over and over, useless Customer Service person, really really daughter tried to return it on time, wasn't allowed and then when I explained the story this person just kept saying sorry but nothing I can do. The worst thing you can say to a loyal customer is " sorry, but there is nothing I can do". He must have said it at least 5--10 times during our conversation. There was plenty he could have done but robots can't make decisions they just act...

    Zara really doesn't know anything about Customer Service and how to keep a loyal following...I went to help my daughter out, I'm in my mid fifties and in all my many years have never been treated by a retailer like this. There is a lot of compitition out there, I would advise you to do your shopping anywhere but Zara...

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  • Su
      30th of Jun, 2016

    I've never heard of this business (Zara), but after reading the list of complaints from multiple consumers, I'd never purchase one sock from this company. What ever happened to "the consumer is always right?" ... pitiful! ... and those automated robot answer lines should be banned! ... Put a human on the line to speak with me please!

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  • 56
      6th of Jul, 2018

    @Suzy Robinson Perrault Yes. You can see my issues under 8 jumpsuits. They continually gave me canned robot responses. When I asked for mangers above robot response there is no one. There is always someone. As someone said above. Will never by a single sock from them and will spread the word everywhere!!

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  • Me
      6th of Dec, 2017

    I completely agree with the above comments!! I have recently had a similar experience with Zara. I received a coat from there as a gift but the closest Zara to me is 1.5 hours away and by the time I received the gift I only have one and a half weeks to return it but was not able to make it to Zara in that time. I was instructed by the cashier to call the customer service line but they would not allow any accommodations. They were still selling the coat in store at full price and were not even able to take it back..tags on.. and give me store credit! I am very frustrated and agree that this company is so unwilling to help out their customers, and it has discouraged me from shopping there again.

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  • Lk
      4th of Jan, 2018

    I also just had a less than stellar experience with this retailer. My son received two jackets from the store for Christmas and was not able to get into the store to return them until Jan. 4th. They would not do any exchanges or returns after Dec. 30th - that's their "extension" for Christmas returns. If a person has traveled for the holidays and can't get into the store by Dec. 30th, it doesn't matter. Once again, no deviation from their policy. I would strongly advise against shopping at Zara as they are in no way interested in working with their customers. Interesting how this is such a departure from a world that has come to understand how important customer centricity is.

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  • Je
      23rd of Apr, 2018

    I’ve just encountered the exact same situation you’ve experienced with Zara. I’m returning a Zara online order I had for my wife on Mar 19 and Mar 22, now today April 23 I tried to return them in store and got rejected. They tell me to call customer service online and no matter how I explained to them why I forgot to return 1 or 2 days ago they just keep repeating the same answer like a robot, that I had 30 days to return but I didn’t now it’s my fault.

    Well, it actually surprised me to see a fashion brand like Zara that makes millions world wide cares more about their strict policy than their customers.

    But I do understand it’s much easier for Zara to make quick money than having a loyal customer.

    Just I’m not that customer any more.

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