Zara Queen Street Cardiffunsatisfactory customer service

Dear Sir/Madam,
I am a very loyal customer of Zara clothes fashion store in Queen St. Cardiff. On 28.12.14 I and my partner decided to go for a treat and do some shopping for clothes in one of my favourite shops which is Zara. We spent quite a lot of money and went back home. The next day i looked at my reciept and realised that the sales assistant had over charged me on one item of clothes and also in another item of clothing there was a tear. I took the item's back and explained they had made an error, also could I have a refund on the damaged item. The sales assistant called her manager over and asked if she could authorise these refunds. As the assistant took the reciept off me she accused me off falsifying the reciept and humiliating me in front of customers and staff, she also accused me of changing the price tags on the item's of clothing which i purchased. I told her not to accuse me of stealing and what was even worse was the managers attitude towards me. They were both rude, obnoxious and showed no skill's of customer care or respect!
They humiliated my partner as he said, "Poor customer care here". The assistant responded in an inappropriate and disrespectful manner and so did the manager of the store, which was even more appauling. Finally after them both humiliating me front of customers I got a refund, but they did not admit that they made an error or apologise for all the inconvenience, as I had to pay £4.50 for parking ticket as well to take the items back and get my refund. I am writing this complaint as i would not like anyone else to go through this experience and also their poor service will make people avoid going to Zara and give the store a bad reputation.

Dec 29, 2014

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