Zara Mens Clothing / bad customer service

Fairview Mall, Toronto, ON, CA

I am from another province and I was visiting Toronto, I purchased a blazer & shirt for my husband at Zara's in the Fairview Mall, when I returned home I discovered the items were to small and I called the store about returning them for a larger size. The manager gave me the email address for customer service, I emailed all the information, never got any reply, I emailed again the second time, no response. I called the store where I made the purchase, talked to the manager again, she said she would call customer service and call me back shortly, after two days of no response, I called her and Alicia said she would call them now as she had not done this yet, she called me back and informed me the only way an exchange can be done is if I physically go to the store and make the exchange. This is terrible customer service and a rotten company to purchase product from.

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