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This is the worst company i've ever dealt with as far as credit cards are concerned. My husband is military and they will refuse to speak to me (His wife) over the phone for anything, if he wants me to talk to them, he has to call every time to say I can speak to them, it's a temporary thing! Defeats the purpose of me calling if he's sitting here! We can never get straight information from them, the due date changes by 3-4 days every cycle. I can speak to one representative get one bit of information call back and get totally different information. Even when my husband calls, he gets the same thing!

They charge $14.99 to make a payment over the phone! Insane. A couple bucks, fine but $15! We've gotten a late fee every month on this credit card because we're told our payments cover certain things when they actually don't. This card / company is a total joke! I was speaking to a supervisor and he flat out told me " I have other customers to take care of i'm done speaking to you". This is the worst company ever! It's almost worth going back and returning my wedding set. If we still had a return policy on it, we would!

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  • Sp
      Sep 04, 2009

    Zales has absolutely the worst customer service I have ever seen. I tried to make a payment online and, because I did not have the card with me to enter the numbers from the back, I was unsucessful. I tried to do the right thing and called customer service to make my payment. After they verified all of my personal information, including name, social security number, date of birth, and address, they told me they could not help me because I, again, did not have the numbers from the back of the card. They could, however, take my payment by phone for the small fee of $14.95. Wow! When I asked to speak to a supervisor, I was connected with "Jennifer, " who immediately simply hung up the phone.
    I realize they outsource their accounts and the store's themselves have nothing to do with this poor service, but they need to realize it reflects very poorly on their image. I mailed a check in full and asked my account be closed. I will be complaining to any available source, whether it helps or not.
    People need to know this company allows their customers to be treated this way

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  • Yu
      Feb 26, 2010

    me too! their customer service representative was very rude..

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  • Pi
      May 03, 2011

    I agree. They are full of BS. I really want to cancel my card but don't want to mess up my credit. I paid my bill off but they were still charging me interest. Wtf? Talking about I still owe interest even though I paid my entire bill off. Don't get this card. I made the mistake because I wanted to build up my credit but got messed over. This has truly scared me away from ever getting another card. The sad thing is that we had the money to buy the rings on out and I'm no longer engaged. Nothing but BS. Never again.

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