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YouTube is not a fair company. They claim they are against bullying, etc. Well a youtuber that goes by the vegan ceetahs channel has been suspended due to gals copyright claims. Within twelve hours his channel was taken down with no chance to fight it at all. This is because of freelee the banana girl. She does illegal things on YouTube has so many complaints yet her channel is still up. And smaller channels gets taken down because she does everything to silence them. They allow her to make false claims. Its disgusting that YouTube puts up and supports this kind of behavior. Seems like they care more about who make them money then values and whats right. YouTube do your job and do it right. If you take smaller channels down then you need to take freelee and durianriders channels down. This is not fair.. I hope you reinstate vegan cheetahs channels and other smaller youtubes channels and start doing your job and not care so much about the money. If not I hope all these youtubers sue you and freelee. YouTube is a joke.

Jul 22, 2016

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