YouTubeunethical auto-subscription service with advertiser

Date 15th May 2017 @ 08:13 GMT (UK).
I was watching YouTube videos on my mobile and went to pick the phone up, accidentally clicking on an advertisement (see screenshot) which was titled "Ultimate Cross The Road" and run by This launched a website on my mobile, which displayed a number of games. I dismissed the advert (I did not click anything, and this statement is important). A text message appeared moments later (see other screenshot) stating I had subscribed to a service. I was wary to reply stop to the message, as I was unsure of charges. I rang the number [protected]) and it took me some time to get to speak to an operator.See Top 10 Worst Companies in San Bruno, CAThe operator appeared to be familiar with the issue and stated "you have to be careful, as just by clicking on the website, you subscribe". I stated that no contract or agreement was implied, displayed nor clear and that this was unfair. She had no hesitation in cancelling the agreement, and a receipt confirmation was received (also on screenshot) . She also stated that this happens a lot with children clicking the links, and parents are then charged for the service, currently at £2.50 per week.
At the very least, this must fall under unfair contracts. I was shocked that the website was sufficiently informed with my mobile phone number to process this service. I guess it would fail from a PC or Simless tablet.
Whilst my issue is resolved (I hope), this kind of advertising is unacceptable and I would suggest fraudulent.


May 15, 2017

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