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United States

To whom it concerns,
My son and I were watching a video this morning when an advertisement titled "Join US" by "Tom Steyer" started playing. (
Both my wife and I were repulsed by the hateful opinions expressed and were embarrassed that our son had to witness such negative expressions of intolerance and disrespect for the opinions of others.
Our son, along with numerous other school kids utilize YouTube for educational purposes but now I am severely worried about destructive thoughts and ideas being pushed out by YouTube.
Instead of intimidating others and pushing for victimization, stratification and segregation of Americans by political zealots such as Mr Steyer, can we not leave the hate speech out of YouTube advertisements? Such things as advertising the impeachment of a sitting US President is both morally and ethically disturbing. If people want to subscribe to such hate and animosity then that's one thing, but to place such complicated and destructive advertisements out as if it was an ad for Tylenol is both offensive and absurd to those who do not prescribe to the tyranny of hate and segregation that Mr Steyer and the Democratic party apparently prescribes too.

Thank You
Sgt. Michael Yother, US Army

Oct 22, 2017

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