YMCA Toronto Sheppard / human rights violations/

Re Dec 25, 2015

I was a Volunteer with them for 4 years. I taught Cycle Fit and Body Fit. After doing these other Workshops to prepare myself to teach other Classes I was lead to believe that I would teach something else as my Knee couldn't do Cycle any more. They decided I was "too unskilled" that I didn't have "the Y Look" nor did I have the "Y fit". I was a mere slave in these Workshops fetching stuff, getting snacks, and getting the Workshop Leader Starbucks. They said they let me go due to "Low Numbers" in my Classes. But I wasn't the only one and I shouldn't have been the only one to be let go. I do have some Challenges as I was born with those and still they decided I wasn't "Y Material". They play favourites among each other. A Staff Member constantly teased me about my weight calling me names. And he got away with it. The GM, AGM are pompous, arrogant and self centred.

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