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CB Fitness Centers and Gyms YMCA 5801 W Orem Dr, Houston, TX, 77085, US
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5801 W Orem Dr, Houston, TX, 77085, US
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2:13 pm EDT
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YMCA - unprofessional director

I had a membership at the YMCA West Orem location in Houston Tx, however I had to cancel due to their, very unprofessional, pervert and sick molester "Executive Director" his name is Lionel Bacon, for what I know he used to work at the ymca cossaboom location by 610 loop and even thou a friend of mine that knows and talks to him told me that he used to flirt and play around a lot with some of the staff girls in that location, no to mention that he does the same thing with some of the girls in his new location(the west orem ymca), which I didnt care about it because it got nothing to do with me, everytime I saw him it was just like a"hello, how are you?..fine, thanks" conversation(always polite and gentle as he always pretends to be) but my surprise was one day when I got out of working out he came to me and started telling me stuff in a double entendre(double meaning) refering to my body, which I told him that he was absolutely wrong if he thought I was like one of those "easy grab" girls he was used to play and flirt around with.As far as I know for the connections I know(my friend), until today he's still the West Orem YMCA executive director and keeps playing his "games" with some of the Cossaboom and West Orem staff be aware of Mr Lionel Bacon if you are a lady and are planning on getting a Ymca membership in the Houston/Missouri City seems that that Mr Bacon forgot that part of the YMCA mission is "to put Christian principles into practice through programs that build HEALTHY SPIRIT, MIND and body for all" and not to be setting a bad example.

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Update by Ms Saenz
Oct 08, 2009 6:26 pm EDT

so latest update, since I already know that Mr Bacon is worry about this comments and also upset, Mr Bacon if you are already worried about this threat then I think you should stop treating those ladies/girls from the Ymca like you do, if you are that gentlemen and grown up men like you pretend to be, how come you don't realize that those stupid little girls you hug and play around with at your "camp" don't have the mental potential to realize that you are a married men and supposely "christian" gentlemen. Or how would your wife feel if she finds out thats what you do while "working at camp"? just like my first message says, I know people from the Ymca where you work and who you talk to, be careful on how you flirt or should I say how you "demostrate your friendship" because, if I didn't sue you maybe someone else will, oh and enjoy your "staff retreat" on friday, just in case you have any doubts.

Update by Ms Saenz
Sep 16, 2009 7:52 pm EDT

That is correct I agree, probably some respect for themselves won't be to much to ask for, so with the update that I got in my email which I will just copy and paste :

Dear Ms Saenz,

"Kim Lagunas" has sent you a message on

Dear Ms. Saenz,

This was the first we have heard of any problems with Mr. Lionel Bacon, we would encourage you to call our Corporate Offices to discuss this matter immediately.

So since Kim Lagunas didn't leave a number to call the "corporate offices" I replied asking for it, but until now I haven't hear from her, so I guess it was just part of her job to tell me to call and report this "Director" but since he is Mr Bacon they don't want to go any further. I just want to tell everybody be aware of this "director" if you are involved with a membership or your kids in there with the YMCA's mentioned above.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Johnnie A.Borrero
Caldwell, US
Jun 15, 2016 3:36 am EDT

my wife came in to sighn up for membership to ymca. we applied assistant had approved at 28.00 and was under imppression w/ towel service. when my wife came by to pay fee, she ended up paying fiftyone dollars and today when arrived at ymca was confronted with a worker much to my disliking and he says we have to pay an extra chage of ten dollars more for towel service. when i was first sighn up afew years all i had to do pay financial assistant fee and pay one dollar more a month for towel service. i feel i dont want to be party of the ymca because of worker there and am sur this person at front desk wouldnt care less about my cacellation and was the rudest person. i am trying to get my half of membership payment back and hope whatever ymca is trying to pull because they are saying over and over about some rejoing fee, also you used to give coffee at front desk for donations and it sounds to me front worker at front took up
on himself to stop coffee for dations, I dont like this person and am trying to maybe be still part of the ymca. please resond.

Jan 26, 2016 10:59 pm EST

Lack of communication, unprofessional, rude management terrible place to work.

Valdosta, US
Aug 22, 2013 2:59 pm EDT

I can tell you from my complaint with the YMCA in Valdosta, GA that the YMCA of the USA does not care about immoral activities. They told me that they could not do anything about a Director who is doing despicable activities. The local board has to intervene and is solely responsible. But the Director is the local board's contact. Best thing to do is take the C out of YMCA.

Believethe Hype
Houston, US
Jan 26, 2012 2:44 am EST

I have to agree with Ms.Saenz. I knew an employee that got sexually harassed by the fitness director, Cleveland I believe is his name, yet she was the one let go while Cleveland got a slap on the wrist. Also I worked out there with my sister and noticed Mr.Bacon "checking me out". It was very obvious and disturbing, since then I switched YMCAs. I am now able to workout in a safe, professional setting.

Don't always beleive the Hype.
Baltimore, US
Nov 24, 2009 5:37 pm EST

Ms Sanez, you seem like a jealous, stalker type person on your rants . Is it because he did not proposition you ? You seem to be obsessed with Mr.Bacon, if he did seem to be out of line and you corrected him and it hasnt occurred again why continue to rant on about something that was already addressed ? I agree with Houstonmom, he has done a ton for the community . You may want to seek counseling as it seems you were involved with or wanted to be involved with Mr.Bacon and when he didnt bite you went to extreme measures to tarnish his reputation. You should be ashamed to use such a forum to seek retribution for a broken heart . You would have made out better if you didnt fall for him rather than fall for him, try to wife a married man then when it didnt work - cry molester, pervert . Grow up and get a life Ms.Sanez

Houston, US
Nov 22, 2009 5:15 pm EST

Mr. Bacon has always been professional and respectful to me and my chilren. He has done a lot for our community and deserves more respect than your unsubstanciated alligations give him.

Houston, US
Jul 16, 2009 11:15 am EDT

I think I know who you talking about, this is a black guy that thinks he is the last men in the earth and since all the "easy grab girls" (like you call them) do all he asks for, then he thinks every girl is like them...I feel sorry for these girls which they shoud have some respect for themselves, I don't have a membership at the Ymca but I have a friend who does and she invites me to workout with her sometimes and I've seen this Mr Bacon there in the building, my friend told me he is married and there's where we don't think that his actions will "Build strong families"

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